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Graveyard Keeper Trainer v1.5, Mods & Cheats

If you are looking for Graveyard Keeper cheat trainer codes, then you are in the right place. We have 16 trainer codes that can help you enjoy the game to the fullest.

These codes are used by many players to benefit themselves in the gameplay. Let’s say, you are stuck at some level and need additional help. In such situations, you can use the Graveyard Keeper codes.

To help you out, we have laid down a guide where you can find all the trainer details you need to know. So without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at the details.

graveyard keeper cover
Game Graveyard Keeper
Genre Role-playing (RPG), Simulator, Adventure, Indie
Developer Lazy Bear Games
Publisher TinyBuild Games
Themes Fantasy, Business
Players Perspectives Bird view / Isometric
Release Date Aug 15, 2018
Game Modes Single player

Graveyard Keeper Description

Graveyard Keeper is a unique RPG-style game from the house of TinyBuild. From the game title itself, you can get the idea that what role you will play.

graveyard keeper cheats

The most interesting thing about a player’s character is that it’s just a soul. What we mean is your character doesn’t have a body. You are responsible for building graves and maintaining them. The main goal is to expand your business so that you can earn more money.

Graveyard Keeper is the kind of RPG that you haven’t played before. Players are required to play the role of a graveyard keeper without a body. Throughout the game, you will just roam around as a soul.

As soon as you start playing the game, you will realise that you have been taken to a different world. Your job is to manage and build graves.

graveyard keeper screen

If you are intrigued by the storyline, then you are ready to play this game. You will discover many other interesting things once you start playing the game.

Graveyard Keeper Trainer Options

Graveyard Keeper trainer codes for PC are what you need to help you win the game. The main advantage of these cheat codes is that they are used to activate different effects and events in the game. Let’s say, you find a level difficult or you are running out of health you can use these codes for help. That said; let’s walk you through the details of the code.

1. Infinite Health

To get unlimited health in the game you need to press the Num 1 key on your keyboard.

2. Infinite Stamina

If you are running out of stamina you can use this code to gain infinite stamina. Just press the Num 2 key and the codes will be activated.

3. Infinite Tool Durability

To prevent your tools from breaking you need this. You can activate it by just pressing the Num 3 key.

4. Instant Action

For instant action, you need to press the Num 4 key. This trainer works for many actions such as cutting trees, building, mining, digging, etc.

5. Instant Crafting/Research

To activate this you need to press the Num 5 key. You can use this code for re-growable resources as well.

6. Fast Movement Speed

To achieve fast movement speed you need to press the Num 6 key.

7. Set Game Speed

If you are not happy with the game speed you can adjust it as per your requirement by triggering this code. All you need to do is press the Num 7 key on your keyboard.

8. Infinite Items

To get infinite items in the game you need to press the Num 8 key.

9. Ignore Crafting Requirements

To activate this particular effect you need to press the Num 9 key. By activating this code you can craft items even if you don’t have enough materials. But if you have materials, they will get consumed.

10. Mega Inventory Size

To increase your inventory capacity or size you need to press the Num 0 key.

11. Freeze Daytime

To freeze daytime you need to press the Num . key.

12. Fast Forward Time

You can fast forward time in the game by holding down the Num + key.

13. Infinite Money

To get unlimited money you need to press the Ctrl and Num 1 keys together.

14. Add 5 Gold

To add gold you need to press the Ctrl and Num 2 keys together.

15. Infinite Tech Points

You can get unlimited tech points by pressing the Ctrl and Num 3 keys together. There are three types of tech points in the game and this works on all of them.

16. Tech Points Multiplier

To activate this, you need to press the Ctrl and Num 4 keys together.

Graveyard Keeper Cheats Uses

Graveyard Keeper cheats offers you the best way to conquer the game. You can use these codes whenever you feel stuck or losing. There are thousands of players who are already using these cheat codes to gain an upper hand in the game.

graveyard keeper cheat

If you are someone who hates losing or wants to make this game more exciting, then these codes are for you. Just press the right keys and the assigned trainer codes will be activated.

Graveyard Keeper trainer are used by many players. They are completely safe to use, so you have nothing to worry about.

Players use these Cheats to benefit themselves in the gameplay. It doesn’t harm your game progress in any way. One thing you should know is that you can use these cheat codes only while playing the game. Or else, it will not work.


Can you fast-forward time in Graveyard Keeper?

Yes, you can fast forward time in the game by holding down the Num + key.

Do Graveyard Keeper Trainer work?

All the trainer codes in this post are tested for results. They work 100% and you can use them to take advantage in the game.

Is there any drawback of using Graveyard Keeper Trainer?

You can use Graveyard Keeper Trainer without any worries. They don’t have any drawbacks and are also safe to use.


Graveyard Keeper is a great RPG with a touchy storyline. If you want to play something different, then you should try out this game. By using our codes you can take the game to the next level.

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