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Plague INC Trainer v1.0, Cheats for PC

Who wouldn’t like to get a little extra help when playing a game like Plague Inc Evolved? With our trainer codes, you can unleash the full potential of the game.

We have 8 effective cheat codes that can help you gain several advantages. All it takes is just a press of a button to activate these hacks. You can download these codes from our website and then use them in the game whenever needed.

These trainer mods are free and 100% working. In this article, we will give you all the details you need to know before using these codes.

plague inc. trainer cheat
Game Plague Inc.
Genre Real Time Strategy (RTS), Simulator, Strategy, Tactical
Developer Ndemic Creations
Publisher Ndemic Creations
Themes Science fiction, Horror
Players Perspectives Bird view / Isometric
Release Date May 26, 2012
Game Modes Single player

Plague INC Introduction

Plague Inc: Evolved is a real-time strategy simulation game that was first released in 2015. The game is both developed and published by Ndemic Creations, which is a UK-based games studio.

Many of you might have already guessed it; Plague Inc Evolved is a remake of the original Plague Inc game. This game is available for both PC and console players.

In the game, the player creates a pathogen to destroy the world with a deadly plague. The game uses an epidemic model with a realistic and complex set of variables to simulate the spread of the plague.

plague inc. cheat
The name of the pathogen is Patient Zero. This is the pathogen that humans are trying to neutralize. They have different methods to protect themselves from epidemics, which mean players need to be more aggressive.

This is an interesting and new type of game where the player aims to destroy the world, instead of saving it. Plague Inc has 12 different diseases.

plague inc. cheats

For the player, the main objective is to infect everyone successfully. Besides that, the game has got many interesting features that you will love to explore. If at any point you feel stuck or find it difficult to make progress, you can use the trainer codes for additional advantage.

Coming to the gameplay, it has a very engaging one. The core game is similar to the original game, Plague Inc.

In this game, the player controls a plague that has infected patient zero. The main goal of the player is to infect and kill the whole world by spreading a deadly plague.

But to make things more interesting, the developers have included time pressure to complete the game. Humans are the opponent of players and they will try to come up with different methods to keep themselves safe.

The game series has received a lot of appreciation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They said that it uses a non-traditional route to create public awareness on disease transmission, epidemiology, and pandemic information.

With this game, you enter a compelling world that engages the public on serious public health topics.

Plague Inc: Evolved Trainer Options

Here is the cheat table for Plague Inc Evolved game. Go through the details below and it will help you learn to use the hacks.

1. Edit DNA/Resources

With the help of this code, you can edit DNA or resources. This option can be triggered by pressing the num 1 key.

2. Edit Infectivity

You can activate this code by pressing the num 2 key.


3. Edit Severity

You can also edit severity whenever it’s needed. For this, you need to press the num 3 key.

4. Edit Lethality

Using this code you can edit lethality. You can activate this code by pressing the num 4 key.

5. Zero Cure Progress

This is a very useful code that can be activated by pressing the num 5 key.

6. Unlock All Plagues

To unlock all plagues you need to press the num 6 key on your keyboard.

7. Unlock All Official Scenarios

You can use this code to unlock and access all official scenarios. All you need to do is just press the num 7 key.

8. Unlock All Genetic Codes/Task Force

To unlock all task force or genetic codes, you need to press the num 8 key.


Now that you know how to use these trainer codes, let’s discuss some of the important things. For the codes to be effective, you need to use them at the right time and the right way.

1. Unlock All xxx options:

This can be activated in the main menu. However, you should know that Genetic Codes/Task Force are temporary unlocks, whereas Official Scenarios are permanent unlocks.

plague inc. cheat table

Forward the v1.18 game version, the game has been updated to 64 bit. You should be informed that the latest trainers are compatible with 64-bit game versions only. So if you have a 32-bit game version, you need to use the older trainer version.




Plague Inc Evolved is as good as the original game. Both the games have a lot of similarities, which you can figure out only if you have played the previous version. This is a highly interesting game with a unique storyline and gameplay. If you want to play something new then this could be the game for you. You can use the trainer codes to get all the extra help you need.



Are these cheat codes game-specific?

Yes, these codes are game-specific, which means they will not work with any other game.


How many trainer hacks are there?

There are total of 8 hacks available and all of them are easy to use.


How to use this trainer cheats?

First of all, you need to download the file containing the codes from our website. Once you do that you can open the game and use the codes whenever required. All you need to do is press the button that is assigned to the option you want to activate.


How to activate the Edit Lethality code?

To activate the Edit Lethality code you need to press the num 4 key on your keyboard.


Are these cheat codes safe to use?

These codes are already used by many players and they have no complaints at all. That’s because these codes are completely safe to use.




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