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Project Wingman Cheats Trainer v1.2, Mods, Cheats

Project Wingman trainer codes are extremely helpful for players who want to conquer this game. These cheats can help you make the game easier. In addition, you can also gain some special powers.

We have 13 trainer codes to offer and each one of them is useful in some way. All you need to do is download the cheat file from our website and use the codes in the game.

In this post, we will tell you how to use these hacks. If you love playing Project Wingman, then you should give this article a read.

project wingman trainer
Game Project Wingman
Genre Simulator, Indie
Developer Sector D2
Publisher Humble Games
Themes Action, Warfare
Players Perspectives Bird view / Isometric
Release Date Dec 01, 2020
Game Modes Single player, Multiplayer, Co-operative

Project Wingman Overview

Project Wingman is an indie arcade-style video game with plenty of combat flight elements. It is developed by the Australian studio Sector D2 and published by Humble Games. If you are in the mood to try something different, then this is for you.

The game has two game modes including conquest and campaign. In the campaign mode, you follow the story of the war set on alternate Earth between the Pacific Federation and the United Cascadian Republic.

project wingman cheat table

In the conquest mode, the player conquers Cascadia in a rogue like game mode by buying new planes, conquering territories, and recruiting allies. If you find this game too difficult to level up, you have our trainer hacks to use.

Project Wingman is quite similar to Ace Combat in terms of the combat style. The player gets to select from a wide range of planes inspired by real-life combat planes. Not just that, but they can also equip the plane with weapons.

project wingman cheat codes

It is up to the player to select whether they want to play the game in first-person or third-person. The first-person perspective gives you the option to play with or without the cockpit view.

You can also choose between the two game modes; campaign or conquest. In campaign mode, the story follows a “Monarch.” In the conquest mode, the player with territory gets to capture the game. The player must complete combat missions to capture.

The game has many different missions. Players get to pick special weapons, and paint schemes. By completing missions, players can earn in-game currency which can be used to purchase important items in the game.

Project Wingman Trainer Options

Project Wingman trainers can be useful in many ways. But to take advantage of these codes you need to first know how to use them. To help you out, we have laid down a cheat table with all the details you need to know. Just go through the details below and you will know how to use the codes.

1. Infinite HP

This code can give you unlimited HP in the game. To trigger this option you need to press the num 1 key.

2. Infinite Ammo

With the help of this hack, you can acquire unlimited ammo and use them whenever required. This code can be activated by pressing the num 2 key.

3. Infinite Missile & SP Weapons

If you need infinite SP weapons and missiles, then you should use this mod. You can activate this option by pressing the num 3 key.

4. Missile & SP Weapons No Cooldown

To activate this effect you need to press the num 4 key.

5. Flare No Cooldown

This is yet another useful trainer mod you can use. It can be triggered by just pressing the num 5 key.

6. Max Score

If you want to gain the maximum score in the game, then press the num 6 key.

7. Score Multiplier

This code will help you to multiply your score. You can activate this option by pressing the num 7 key.

8. Edit Credit (Campaign)

This code will help you to edit the credit campaign. To use this option just press the num 8 key.

9. Credit Multiplier

If you want your credit to increase, then press the num 9 key.

10. Set Game Speed

If you are not happy with the game speed you can adjust it to your preference. For this, you need to press the num 0 key.

11. Edit Credit (Conquest)

You can use this code to edit credit. For this, you need to press the Ctrl key and the num 1 key together.

12. Edit Prestige

You can activate this option by pressing the Ctrl key and the num 2 key at the same time.

13. Edit Cordium Engines

To trigger this option you need to press the Ctrl key and the num 3 key together.


Now that you know how to use the trainer codes, it’s time to discuss some of the important things you should do about these codes.

1. Missile & SP Weapons No Cooldown

You should activate this option before firing missile/SP weapons. If you trigger it during cooldown, it will take effect the next time you fire missile/SP weapons.   Once activated, the effect will remain during the mission. In case, you want to disable it at some point, you will have to finish or exit the mission to restore the effect.

project wingman screen

2. Flare No Cooldown

You must trigger it before using a flare. If you activate it during cooldown, it will take effect the next time you use a flare.

3. Max Score

This mod will only take effect when you gain a score.

4. Credit Multiplier

It will only work when you complete missions.


How many Project Wingman trainer cheats are there?

There are 13 trainers available and all of them are 100% working. You can use these codes at any given point in the game.

Why should you use these cheat codes?

Using these cheat codes can bring you plenty of benefits. It can give you special powers; level up, unlimited resources, etc. In short, it will help you win the game.

How long does it take for the trainers to take effect?

Most of the trainer cheats take effect almost immediately. But some of them only work when you perform a specific task or anything.


Project Wingman is a great game if you have got the skills to back you up. Even if you are a weak player, no worries because you can use our trainer cheats to get you through.

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