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Dead or Alive 6 Trainer v1.20, Cheats & Mod

Finding difficulty to fight with your opponent in the Dead or Alive 6 game? Then relax because we have an amazing solution for you that will help you beat your opponent. For you, we have various cheat codes by which you can easily become strong from your opponent.

dead or alive 6 trainer
Game Dead or Alive 6
Genre Fighting
Developer Team Ninja
Publisher Koei Tecmo Games
Themes Action
Players Perspectives Side view
Release Date Mar 01, 2019
Game Modes Single player, Multiplayer

Dead or Alive 6 Description

It is a fighting game which is developed by Team Ninja and is published by Koei Tecmo in the Dead or Alive series. It is introduced with a new feature that includes slow-motion moments and visible damage on the fighters during the course of the fight.
dead or alive 6 cheat codes

The game also adds blood effects and new violence physics that can be adjusted by the user or turned off in the options. For newcomers, the game is supposed to be more accessible.
dead or alive 6 cheats

Dead or Alive 6 Trainer Options

If you want to make your gaming experience fun, you should use these trainer hacks because it will be easy for you to play the game. So, for your comfort, below are some trainer hacks that you can use in the game.

1. Infinite Health 

In this hack, you will gain infinite health by pressing the num 1 key. This is an amazing hack because when you use it, your health in the game will never decline, which is a plus point for you.

2. Max Break Gauge 

If you want to enjoy the maximum break gauge in your game, then you can get it by pressing the num 2 key.

3. Unlock All Costumes

You can change the character’s costume according to your preference by unlocking all costumes with the help of this hack, but for that, you have to press the num 3 key of the keyboard.

4. Always Clear Challenges 

You can clear all the challenges which will come on your way by activating this mod. But for that, you have to press the num 4 key.

5. Freeze Timer 

Sometimes it happens that you are running late and time is going fast. So this hack helps you to match your performance with the timer by freezing the time, but for that, you have to press num 5 key.

6. Max Score

Maximizing your score in the game will give you a lead in the game, but for doing it, you have to press the num 6 key.

7. SuperSpeed

If you are not comfortable with the speed of the game, then you can increase it according to your preference, but for activating this mod, you have to press the num 7 key.

8. Slow Motion 

If you want to activate the slow-motion feature in the game, then you have to press the num 8 key.

9. Empty Opponent’s Break Gauge

If you want to empty the break gauge of your opponent, then you can definitely do it, but for that, you have to press the num 9 key.

10. One-Hit K.O. 

Want to kill your opponent in just one hit? Then with this hack, you can do it by pressing the num 0 key.

11. Infinite Money

You can get unlimited money in the game, but you have to press the Ctrl+Num 1 key to get it. If you have infinite money, you can buy anything there will be no limitation on buying things.

12. Unlock All Hairstyles

With this mod, you can unlock the hairstyles, giving you the advantage of choosing the hairstyle for your character according to your preference. For making use of this mod, you have to press Ctrl+Num 2 key.

13. Unlock All Glasses 

Want to choose the best glass for your character, but you are not able to unlock it? Then don’t be sad because this hack will help you unlock all glasses by pressing the Ctrl+Num 3 key.

14. Unlock All Music 

This mod will give you the advantage of unlocking all music by pressing the Ctrl+Num 4 key.

15. Unlock All Encyclopedia 

With this hack, you will be able to unlock all encyclopedias, but for doing it, you have to press the Ctrl+Num 5 key.

16. Unlock All Trivia 

If you want to unlock all trivia of the game, then you have to press the Ctrl+Num 6 key on the keyboard.


With remembering these codes, there are still some things which you are required to know before making use of these codes because then only you can be able to make the best use of these codes. So scroll below to know those things.
dead or alive 6 cheat table

Unlock All Options

If you unlock all xxx options, then it will temporarily unlock items. When these options are disabled, then the item lock/unlock state will restore back to normal.

Even if you unlock all xxx options, you will still need to purchase Music, Trivia, and Encyclopedia. However, if you will purchase them, then they will be permanently unlocked.


If you use trainer hacks in the Dead or Alive 6 game, you will be on the safer side to battle with your opponents and win the game. In fact, by using these codes, you will be ahead of every player.

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