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Griftlands Trainer v1.29, MOD & Cheats

Griftlands trainers are used by thousands of players for the benefits they offer. These codes are programmed to help you win the game, without you putting in much effort.

We have a total of 5 trainer hacks for you to use. With the help of these options, you can gain various advantages and turn the game in your favor. To use these cheats you need to download the text. file from our website. All the options available on our website are free.

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Game Griftlands
Genre Role-playing (RPG), Strategy, Indie, Card & Board Game
Developer Klei Entertainment
Publisher Skymap Games
Themes Fantasy, Science fiction
Players Perspectives Bird view / Isometric,Side view
Release Date Jul 11, 2019
Game Modes Single player

Griftlands Description

Griftlands is a 2021 roguelike deck-building game that is developed and published by Klei Entertainment. This game use set in a science fiction setting and has a touch of RPG story elements.
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It was originally released in early access for Windows in 2019, followed by the release of the full version in June 2021. Besides Windows, this game is compatible with macOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4.

The gameplay takes place in a science fiction setting, where the player starts a game by selecting one of the predefined characters. While the layout of the world is the same in each game, the missions, events, and other elements within it are procedurally generated, every time a new game starts.
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At the beginning of the game, the player’s character is given two pre-defined decks of cards. One represents those to be used in combat, and another to be used in negotiations. The player can gain new cards as he makes progress in the game. Not just that, but the players can also earn grafts for their character. The player also has the option to purchase limited-use item cards.

Griftlands Trainer Options

If you are using the Griftlands trainers for the first time, you will find this cheat table helpful.

1. Right Clicked Unit: Restore Health

To activate this mod you need to press the num 1 key.

2. Infinite Action Points

This hack gives you unlimited action points. To use this code you need to press the num 2 key.

3. Edit Money

To edit money you need to press the num 3 key.

4. Set Game Speed

With the help of this option you can set the game speed as per your convenience. This code will take effect when you press the num 4 key.

5. Right Clicked Unit

Empty Health: To activate this hack you need to press the num 5 key.


Here are some important details you need to know about using these cheat codes:
griftlands screen

1. Edit Money

This trainer takes effect when the money value refreshes.

2. Right Clicked Unit: Restore Health & Right Clicked Unit: Empty Health

Before activating these options, right-click on a unit and bring up the stats menu. It should be noted that the health value does not update immediately. You will need to wait for the next turn to see the values change.


Griftlands is a brand new game that has impressed players with its excellent features. It is a kind of deck-building game with RPG elements mixed in it. If you want to try something unique, you should start with this game.

In case you find the game to be too difficult, you have our cheat codes to help you out. These options are not only easy to apply, but they also come free.

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