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The Red Solstice 2: Survivors Trainer v1.6, Cheats & Mods

Some gamers like using cheats because it allows them to reach high levels in the game without crossing every level. Or it also helps players to clear off the level with ease. Players of red solstice 2 survivors are also demanding the cheats, but they don’t know where to find them. We have the answer here, so just keep reading.

the red solstice 2: survivors trainer cheat
Game The Red Solstice 2: Survivors
Genre Real Time Strategy (RTS), Role-playing (RPG), Strategy, Tactical
Developer Ironward
Publisher 505 Games
Themes Action
Players Perspectives Third person
Release Date Jun 17, 2021
Game Modes Single player, Multiplayer, Co-operative

Red solstice 2: survivors is a sequel to the Red solstice of 2015. This is a real-time tactical game that was released in 2021 for PC. The game is set in the year 117, and the players have an important mission to fulfil.
the red solstice 2: survivors cheat codes

The player gets awakened in this world to lead the cell and fight against STROL mutant invasion. The players have to command their team and not only have to defeat the mutant but also find a cure to a virus that is causing trouble to mankind.

Players have to make quick decisions to survive in the game, and also it will determine the fate of the planet. Therefore, you got to choose a mission, load out and head to the battlefield.

This game can be played as a single-player or with up to seven friends. The game involves tense, claustrophobic actions and carefully planned strategies.
the red solstice 2: survivors cheat table

The gamers use Research and technologies and upgrade them from time to time. Also, you have to manage resources while combating and use maps to find open or secure areas to save humanity.

Trainer brings you the opportunity to download red solstice 2 survivors cheat files and use different hacks in this game.

1. Infinite health

Like every other game, the red solstice 2 survivors also have health points that decline as the player receives damage. Players can maintain their health points by making it infinite using num 1 key.

2. Infinite energy

The player’s energy declines as the game progress, and If they run out of it, their defeat is inevitable. The players can gain infinite energy and continue the game using the num 2 key.

3. Infinite ammo

Ammo helps the player use weapons of choice and if you want unlimited ammo to be able to use weapons, then use num 3 key.

4. No, reload

In the game, players need to reload their weapons to attack the enemy again. But reloading weapons, again and again, isn’t too much headache? An easier way is to activate a no reload hack, and you don’t have to reload weapons again. Use num 4 key to use this hack!

5. Skills instant cooldown

Cooldowns are necessary to delay time and use actions in this game. Players can make the most out of the skills instant cooldown and activate this use num 5 key.

6. Infinite skill upgrades

The skill upgrades can be made infinite, and you will be able to use various skills if you press num 6.

7. Infinite items

The players require to collect different items in the game, but what if you have infinite items? That means you don’t have to go around collecting or buying them. To unlock the unlimited item feature, players press the num 7 key.

8. Infinite XP

XP or Exp is the experience point, and players who don’t have enough XP can make it infinite by entering num 8 key.

9. XP multiplier

The XP multiplier can be used by the players when they use the num 9 key.

10. One hit kill or super damage

Players of red solstice 2 survivors have a feature called one-hit-kill and super damage. It helps to kill or defeat an opponent in one hit. The players can get their one-hit kill feature activated using num 0.

11. Damage multiplier

The damage Multiplier will maximize the damage as you press. key.

12. Edit supplies

To edit your supplies, players can enter ctrl+num 1.

13. Supply multiplier

Press ctrl+ num 2 key to activate the supply multiplier.

14. Infinite deployment

Deployment in a game is the capability of a player to go on a mission. One can use resources to reduce difficulties; however, that requires you to unlock and research different technologies in your HQ. Press the ctrl+num 3 key to use it.

15. Edit specialists

To edit, the specialists player can press the ctrl+num 4 key.

16. Max global intel

You don’t need to buy global intel in Red solstice 2 survivors when you can use hacks to get max global intel- press the ctrl+num 5 key.

17. No loadout power cost

Press ctrl+ num 6 key if players do not want to load out power cost.

18. Instant research

Research is part of the red solstice 2 survivors game, and players can make instant research using the ctrl+ num 7 key.

19. Instant engineering

To use the instant engineering feature, use cheat code ctrl+num 8 key.

20. Instant upgrade

If you instantly want to upgrade your character or skills in the game, then press the ctrl+num 9 key.

21. Zero infestation

If you want to reduce the infestation level to zero, then press the ctrl+num 0 key.

22. Set game speed

Last but not least, this cheat code enables players to set gaming speed as they like.


the red solstice 2: survivors cheats

  • Infinite health will work when you have all units and must be present on the screen.
  • Infinite items will be effective when battling.
  • Infinite XP will show the effect as you recieve XP, and when you activate it, you will recieve 9999999 XP for your present mission.
  • Edit supplies will be effective when it’s value changes.
  • Supply Multiplier will not change display value.
  • The infinite deployment will show effects as value updates.
  • Edit specialists show the effect as the value is updated.
  • Max global Intel will show the effect as value updates, and it reaches a max value that is 7.
  • Zero infestations will also show the effect as its value will update.
  • If a player or their teammates are not on the screen, then they can get one-hit kill.


These were all the cheat codes for the red solstice 2 survivors game, and the players can only use them upon installing the cheat file from the trainer website. The players can download the cheat file for free, so you can get free access to various features in the game when you use it.

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