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Two Point Hospital Trainer v1.8, Cheat & Mod

two point hospital trainer
Game Two Point Hospital
Genre Simulator, Strategy, Indie
Developer Sega Entertainment
Publisher Two Point Studios, Sega
Themes Comedy, Business
Players Perspectives Bird view / Isometric
Release Date Aug 29, 2018
Game Modes Single player

Two Point Hospital Trainer Description

Two Point Hospital is an amazing game to play, and for you, we have various types of cheat codes mentioned below, which you can use in the game to make it easy to play.
two point hospital cheat codes

Two Point Hospital is developed by Two Point Studios and is published by Sega. This game features a similar style of gameplay to that of Theme Hospital. In this game, players take a role of a hospital manager who is charged with constructing and maintaining the hospital.

The task of a player includes building rooms, and amenities that satisfies the need of patients like hunger and thirst, and the needs of the staff like toilets, staff rooms, reception desks, cafes, seating, and vending machines.
two point hospital cheats

Some other tasks include expanding the hospital into new plots and hiring and managing doctors, nurses, janitors, and assistants to maintain the hospital. The player also has to deal with a variety of comical illnesses.

The player can manage several hospitals, each with their own layout objectives. This game features unique, comical conditions such as light headedness – having a light bulb for a head, pandemic – having a pan on one’s head, mock star – patients are Freddie mercury impersonators, and Animal Magnetism – having animals stuck to the patient’s body.

Two Point Hospital Trainer Options

Do you know what the most amazing feature of all these trainer hacks is? They will make you the master player of this game, and you will become an amazing gamer in front of every player. For you, below are some trainer hacks that you will need in the game.

1. Infinite Money

Sometimes in the game, you fall short of money, and then you are not able to buy certain things. In such a situation, this hack is like a magic wand in your hand by which you will get infinite money. For using it, you have to press the alt+num 1 key.

2. Infinite Kudosh 

You know what you can get access to unlimited kudosh by pressing the alt+num 2 key.

3. Max Staff Level 

You can maximize the staff level, but for that, you have to press the alt+num 3 key.

4. Max Happiness 

In the game, you can maximize happiness, but you have to press the alt+num 5 key for doing that.

5. Max Patients Health 

In the game, the health of the patient is very important, and this mod will help you to maximize the health of the patients, but for that, you have to do one thing, and that is pressing alt+num 6 key.

6. Instant Refill Applicant List 

If you don’t have much time and want to refill the applicant list instantly, this mod will help you. For making use of this mod, you have to press the alt+num 7 key.

7. Instant Training 

If you don’t want to wait longer for training, then activating this hack will give you the advantage of instant training, but for that, you have to press the alt+num 8 key.

8. No Maintenance needed 

If you don’t need the maintenance, you can activate this hack, but you have to press the alt+num 9 key for that.

9. Max Hospital Level

If you want to maximize the hospital level, then this hack will help you to do so, but for doing that, you have to press the alt+num 0 key.

10. Max Hospital Reputation 

You know that you can maximize the hospital reputation while activating this hack, but for that, you have to press alt+num. key.

11. Unlock all items 

Sometimes you may face limitations to use various items. But with this hack, you can unlock all the items just by pressing the alt+num + key.

12. Unlock All Hospitals 

If you want to unlock all hospitals, you can do it while activating this hack, but for that, you must press the alt+num – key.

13. 100% Diagnosis Certainty 

When you will activate this mode, it will give you 100% diagnosis certainty, but for that, you have to press CTRL+NUM 1 key.

14. Always Cure Successfully 

For always curing your patients successfully, you can activate this mode by pressing CTRL+NUM 2key.

15. Fulfil All Staff/Patient Needs 

If you think that your lots of time will be wasted in going to every patent and staff individually and fulfilling their needs, then this hack is very helpful because it will help you fulfil the needs of all staff and patients in one go. But for that, you have to press Ctrl+num 3 key.

16. No Vomiting 

For activating this hack in the game, you have to press the ctrl+num 4 key.

17. Max Hygiene 

To maintain maximum hygiene in the hospital, you can use this mod by pressing the ctrl+num 5 key.

18. Instant Upgrade 

To instantly upgrading the value, you need to press the ctrl+num 6 key.

19. Instant Research 

For doing instant research, you can activate this hack, but you are required ctrl+num 7 key.

20. Money Multiplier 

If you need more money, then you can multiply it while activating this hack, but for that, you have to press Ctrl+num 8 key.


There is one thing that you need to keep in mind to make effective use of this hack. For improving your gaming skill, it is very important to know when to make use of this hack in the right way. So, there is one point you need to keep in mind, which is given below for your help.
two point hospital screen

1. Infinite Money

This hack will only come into effect when the value of the money is changed.

2. Infinite Kudosh 

If you will activate this mode, it will only take effect when the value is changed.


Two Point Hospital is a business simulation game that seems to be a bit tough for some players. But with the use of these hacks, it can make your game easy. Just you need to use them at the right time so that you can lead the game.

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