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GreedFall Trainer v1.8, Cheats and Mods for PC

The world is special in Greedfall gameplay that cannot describe in words. The game is about the exploration of the world while unfolding the story. The gameplay is a thriller and suspense video game that includes looting.

A lot of treasure and money loot accumulate and enemies to fight. Each second is full of fun and run with the collection of loot. The trainer cheat file is there inside with the game in reading mod.

A player has to download first and read the instructions and tricks in the file. Tricks in the file are the cheat codes and hacks that get activation pressing keys.

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Game GreedFall
Genre Role-playing (RPG), Strategy, Adventure
Developer Spiders
Publisher Focus Home Interactive
Themes Action, Fantasy, Mystery
Players Perspectives Third person
Release Date Sep 09, 2019
Game Modes Single player

GreedFall Description

The action-role play game GreedFall is a popular video game. The developer of the game is Spiders. The publishers of the game are Focus Entertainment and Game Source Entertainment.
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The composer of the game is Olivier Deriviere.

The good thing about the game is its compatibility to run on every device. It is compatible with almost all platforms. Platforms compatible with running this game are Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox, and Series X.
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The genre of the game is Fighting game, Action role-playing game, and Adventure game. The casual hours of completion of the game, GreedFall, is 30 to 35 hours. The player enters into a place where the looting event will organize. The loot includes money, gold, and other resources that are useful to the player. Othe rival enemies will also be there to stop the player from running.

GreedFall Trainer Options

Below are the hotkeys and options for cheat codes included with notes and tricks-

1. Infinite Health

Every game has a cheat code called Infinite Health, so GreedFall has it. A player’s survival depends upon the health all over the game.

Num 1 key is the activation hotkey that will make the Infinite Health option effective for the player.

2. Infinite Magic

The looting game has the option of Infinite Magic code. The Num 2 key will activate the option for the player during loot.

3. Max Fury Gauge

The max Fury Gauge will work with the Num 3 key.

4. Edit Money

The money editing will support the player in increasing/decreasing the money during play. Num 3 will activate it.

5. Infinite Potions

The Infinite Potion will get activate with the Num 5 key.

6. Infinite Ammo

The Ammo in the game will boost up the player to fight with weapons. Num6 will activate the option of Infinite Ammo.

7. Infinite Traps

In looting, the Infinite Traps will work effectively to trap the enemy.

Num 7 will work for its activation. Enemies get trapped into the players` moves to win against them.

8. Infinite Ingredients

To have the Infinite Ingredients option activation, Num8 will work. The infinite ingredient will work for the player to survive a long time in the run.

9. Game Speed

To increase the speed of the game, the Num 9 key will work.

To set up the speed of moves as per the players` requirements, a code activation works.

Speed will depend on the players` learning of the game rules and powers.

10. Zero Weight

Sometimes, the player wants zero weight option access, and to have it Num 0 will work.

11. Infinite Exp

Exp on infinite will work on applying the Ctrl+Num 1 keys combination.

12. Exp Multiplier

Exp Multiplier option works with Ctrl+Num 2 key. It will multiply the existing Exp to the max. The journey of the player requires max Exp to use while fighting and running.

13. Infinite Skill Points

The player needs Infinite Skill Points option activation, and the key, Ctrl+Num 3, will work for it.

14. Infinite Attribute Points

The Infinite Attribute Points option work with Ctrl+Num 4.

15. Infinite Talent Points

The Infinite Talent Points option will get activate with Ctrl+Num 5.

16. Easy Stealth (Crouch)

The Easy Stealth will work with a key called Ctrl+Num 6.


greedfall screen

  1. Money editing activation requires at least 1 gold to get the “Edit Money” option to work.
  2. On gaining Exp, the option of “Infinite Exp” comes in effect for the player.
  3. A player needs to drop or pick something from a loot place if one is overburdened already. The option of Zero Weight” works only if a player does not carry the extra burden.
  4. A player can crouch in front of rival enemies without getting in detection. With the “Easy Stealth (Crouch)” option, a player will not get in detection. If the player touches the enemy, a player will get in detection.
  5. The options of “Infinite Talent Points” and “Infinite Attribute Points” will not be suitable for use with the character creation screen.
  6. A player cannot leave the character creation screen until they use all the points.


A player needs to be careful while using the options and accessing the powers related to them. The tricks of the trainer will ensure the winning of the player.

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