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Amazing Cultivation Stimulator Trainer v1.3, Cheat Codes

Why are people so crazy about using cheat codes in video games? That is because cheat codes can help you access the resources which otherwise you have to buy from the store or get only after clearing a level. Trainer has the amazing cultivation stimulator cheat codes, so if you want them to read this post.

amazing cultivation simulator trainer cheat
Game Amazing Cultivation Simulator
Genre Role-playing (RPG), Simulator, Strategy
Developer GSQ Games
Publisher Gamera Game
Themes Survival, Sandbox
Players Perspectives Bird view / Isometric
Release Date Jan 11, 2019
Game Modes Single player

Amazing Cultivation Stimulator Description

In the world where myth and magic rule, certain people wanted to become immortal and devote their lives to the path of cultivation. They go around sect an institution where they get training to learn to live eternal life. And those who want to achieve great powers have to promise to guard and make a balance between good and evil at any cost.
amazing cultivation simulator cheats

But as you know about the greedy nature of humans, making them blind cultivators. As the story continues, you see the master didn’t realize the fact, and the taiyi sect burns because of his mistake. The player’s brother and sister are dead, but the taiyi sect is reborn from the ashes. The seeds are scattered in the taincang and are to be found by the player.

This is the plot of an amazing cultivation stimulator. This game follows Asian mythology and is deeply influenced by the Chinese literary genre- xianxia nuances.
amazing cultivation simulator cheat codes

This game has various interesting features like- you can design tour cultivation sect and develop a huge spiritual center. You will run the school and train students. Also, you can expand your domain and fight against evil to gain more power.

Interact with NPCs and be cautious as your actions will change their behavior. Try to maintain a balance between good and evil. Also, research and bring resources to fill your library with knowledgeable books. You can hunt evil demons and protect your entity.

Amazing Cultivation Stimulator Trainer Options 

The player of an amazing cultivation stimulator can download a cheat file from the trainer. On downloading, they will be able to use the cheats given below.

1. God mode 

The players having cheat files will be able to use god mode by pressing the num 1 button.

2. Max food

The players can get maximum food by using a hack in the game. To unlock max food in amazing cultivation stimulator use num 2 key.

3. Max drinks

Players have to remain hydrated and keep their people hydrated. So players can unlock max drink using num 3 key.

4. Max energy

To get enough energy, the players can use cheat and press num 4 key.

5. Max leisure 

If you are tired and want leisure, then unlock max leisure by pressing num 5.

6. Max stamina 

The players can have max stamina and do the cultivation without getting exhausted. They can press the num 6 key to get max stamina.

7. Max mood 

Players can use max mood in this game and unlock it press num 7 key.

8. Max Qi

Every character has their Qi sense, and players should choose a character with high Qi to become the inner disciple. The qi is affected by the constitution, and so the player who wants to attain max Qi can use cheat num 8 key.

9. Max mental state 

The mental state is affected by the player as their mood changes, speed changes, etc. To get max mental state, you have to use cheat code- num 9.

10. Stop aging

If you don’t have to age faster in the game, you can activate this cheat and stop aging by pressing the num 0 key.

11. Max foundation XP 

Foundation XP is an important part of this game, and to attain max foundation XP, players can click on ctrl+num 1.

12. Max cultivation XP

Players can make their cultivation XP maximum using the ctrl+num 2 key.

13. Cultivation XP multiplier

The cultivation XP multiplier can be used using cheat code ctrl+num 3.

14. Max inspiration

To get the maximum inspiration, the players have to press the ctrl+num 4.

15. Character creation: max perks 

To activate max perks for character creation, press the ctrl+num 5 key.

16. Set game speed

Change the game speed by clicking on the ctrl+num 6 key.

17. Age

To alter the age of your character, press alt+num 1.

18. Perception

To change the perception of the game, press alt+num 2.

19. Constitution

To access the constitution of the characters, press alt+num 3.

20. Charisma

To change the charisma level of your character, press alt+num 4.

21. Intelligence

To alter the intelligence of the character, press alt+num 5.

22. Luck

To enhance the luck of your character, press alt+num 6.

23. Potential

To enhance the potential of the character, press alt+num 7.


Max foundation XP cheat code will work as you get foundation XP.
amazing cultivation simulator cheat

Max cultivation XP cheat code will show the effect as you gain cultivation XP.

The character editor will work for the chosen character.


If you now have understood about cheat codes and how to use them in Amazing cultivation stimulator, then download and start using them now!

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