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Persona 4 Golden Trainer v1.8, Mod & Cheat Codes

The cheat codes are like passwords or the combination of keys that, when entered, can unlock a particular effect within a video game. If you are willing to use such cheats, then you are right place. Here trainers have collected persona 4 golden cheat codes.

Before giving you a list of cheats, here is something to know about this game.

persona 4 golden cover
Game Persona 4 Golden
Genre Role-playing (RPG), Simulator, Sport, Adventure, Visual Novel
Developer NIS America
Publisher Atlus, Atlus USA
Themes Action, Fantasy, Science fiction, Comedy, Drama, Educational, Open world
Players Perspectives Third person
Release Date Jun 15, 2012
Game Modes Single player

Persona 4 Golden Description

Persona 4 golden is also famous as persona 4: The golden is available on PS 2 and Microsoft windows. Its Vita version is also workable with a PlayStation tv. It is a role-playing game and is a fifth installation in the series of persona.
persona 4 golden cheat codes

Persona 4 is set in the fictional Japanese countryside. This game is related to the previous Persona games, and the protagonist in this game is a high schooler who went by the countryside. During his stay, he gets into a mysterious murder investigation and develops the ability to summon persona.

The gameplay is divided into 2 worlds- the real world of Inaba and the mysterious Tv world. The real world of Inaba is where the daily activities of the protagonist occur, and the TV world is filled with shadows await named monsters.
persona 4 golden cheat

The players can choose to spend the day as usual and do normal work like taking part in school activities, or they can choose to explore Tv world of dungeons to acquire items and experience. Also, the days are divided into different parts, the most common being “daytime/after school” and evening.

Some activities are dependent on times of the day, weather, and days of the week, and if the players go to the TV world, they cannot do such activities. Other activities can be limited because of the player’s attributes- diligence, knowledge, understanding, expression, and courage.

Persona 4 Golden Trainer Options

1. Infinite HP 

The health points are usable on pressing num 1 key.

2. Infinite SP

The health SP can be made infinite by pressing the num 2 key.

3. Items don’t decrease

You don’t want existing items to reduce upon use, then press num 3 key.

4. Always shuffle after battle

The players can activate always shuffle after battle cheat code on pressing num 4 key.

5. Edit money

Change the money quantity by editing and using cheats press num 5.

6. Money Multiplier 

Players can access the persona 4 golden Money multiplier by using cheat code- num 6.

7. Infinite Exp

The player’s experience point can be made unlimited using cheat code- num 7.

8. Exp multiplier

The players can access the exp multiplier using trainer hacks by pressing the num 8 key.

9. Set game speed

The gamers of Persona 4 golden can change game speed using trainer cheat codes- press num 9 key.

10. Super damage or the one-hit kill 

The players can gain super damage power or the one-hit-kill by applying cheats- press num 0 to activate it.

11. Damage multiplier 

The players can increase the damage caused to their enemy by using Damage multiplier- press num. key to use it.

12. Obtain all weapons

If you want to get all the weapons-free in persona 4 golden, then press ctrl + num 1.

13. Obtain all armors

The armors of all types can be unlocked, and to use cheat code, use combination ctrl + num 2.

14. Obtain all accessories

The players can obtain all the accessories in persona 4 golden by using the hack. They can use combination ctrl + num 3 to activate it.

15. Obtain all materials

The players will get access to unlimited materials in this game by using cheat code- ctrl + num 4 key.

16. Obtain all expendables

The players can use the ctrl + num 5 key to obtain all expendables.

17. Infinite shuffles

Players can use the ctrl + num 6 key to activate infinite shuffles.

18. Easy level up S.link 

To easily level up to S.link, press the ctrl + num 7 key.

19. Stealth mode

The players can use the ctrl + num 8 key, and they can turn on stealth mode.

To edit the persona stats, you can use the given below cheat codes.

20. ST

To enhance the strength or ST of our persona, you can use the cheat code- alt + num 1.

21. MA

MA or magic in persona 4 golden includes magical skills like zio and agi. They can use the cheat code using alt + num 2.

22. EN

En or endurance state can be accessed by pressing alt + num 3.

23. AG

AG or ability stat of persona can be accessed by pressing alt + num 4.

24. LU

Luck stat of your persona will unlock on pressing alt + num 5.

Edit platers stats using the given below cheat codes by trainer-

25. Courage

The player’s courage stats will unlock on click alt + num 6.

26. Diligence

The player’s diligence stats will unlock on pressing alt + num7.

27. Understanding

The players understanding stat will unlock upon pressing alt + num 8.

28. Expression

The player’s expression stats will open up on pressing alt + num 9.

29. Knowledge

Edit the knowledge stats of players using cheat code alt + num 0.


persona 4 golden cheats

Players should pay attention to the note that infinite exp will world only on killing a monster. Also, edit persona stats will upon entering the persona stat screen and then activating the cheats. Close the screen and then again reopen it to see the change in stats. Also, note that easy level up S.link has to be activated before taking a friend.


Follow the above cheat code list by the trainer and remember to take notes to make the most out of the persona 4 golden cheat codes. Download the cheat file from the trainer on your device and activate hotkeys to use the codes.

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