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The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Trainer v1.2, Mod & Cheats

Do you wish to learn hacks and cheats for the walking dead: saints & sinner game? If yes, then in this post, we have full details on how to use trainer cheats. Go ahead and read the full post.

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Game The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners
Genre Role-playing (RPG), Simulator, Strategy, Adventure, Indie
Developer Skydance Interactive
Publisher Skybound Entertainment
Themes Action
Players Perspectives First View
Release Date Jan 23, 2020
Game Modes Single player

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is a VR first-person shooting game, and also it is a horror survival game. This game is made for windows, PS 4, and Oculus quest 2. The game is designed based on a comic series- the walking dead.
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It was initially released on steam and later released in play station VR. The gameplay involves players killing “walkers.” They can kill walkers by stabbing their skill or braining them, or puncturing their brain.

The players can use buildings to stop their enemies from directly attacking and use them to attack from a distance by throwing bows, weapons, and long-range firearms. Physical combat is based on melee weapons. The bells in the game act as a timer, and the tower ring a bell, then a horde is spawned to chase after the players.
the walking dead: saints & sinners cheats

At the home base, you find a liner crafting system, and players had to scavenger various items and convert them into new weapons or items. Crafting recipes open up upon upgrading crafting stations.

At random events, you can see exile appearing and asking platers to give supplies by exchanging some material, or they will point a gun to the player and demand supplies. In this game, there 3 kinds of zombies- the first type is regular zombie, the second type is spawned from a human and they are killed without braining, the third type of zombie is infected walker which can bring down players max health upon being stabbed by melee weapons, and the fourth type is an elite walker. They wear a helmet and are had to kill because you cannot do braining here.

Also, an alternative game mode is given called the trail. The players in this game mode kill zombies and earn bitcoin, which can be used to unlock various supplies. The trail has three maps and two difficulties.

Players can find zombies appearing within maps and are to be shot or stabbed to earn a bonus boost. On shooting a hanged zombie, the players receive food which offers players ammo and durability to their weapon. On killing a hanging zombie using melee weapons, players receive food, boost, infinite stamina, and weapon durability.

1. Infinite health

The players who are losing health and want to acquire infinite health have to do nothing but press num 1 key. To apply the cheats, first, you will have to download the cheat file so, make sure to download it from the trainer.

2. No max health drop or no poison 

Platers max health drops on using melee weapon on a zombie. And to stop poisoning or max health drop, you can use the num. Key of your num pad.

3. Infinite stamina

The player’s stamina can decline while combating with a zombie, and a cheat code can help to unlock infinite health. So, to use this cheat, tap in num 2 key on the Numpad.

4. No hunger or no max stamina drop

If they use the cheat codes, the players won’t get hungry, or their max stamina won’t stop in this game. The players can activate it by pressing the num 3 key on their keypad.

5. Infinite ammo

Ammunition or ammo can be achieved in this game using a cheat code. The players can apply trainer hack- num 4 key to get the ammo in unlimited quantity.

6. No reload

Reloading a weapon, again and again, is a headache so, If you do not want to reload, then use num 5 key.

7. Infinite weapon durability

The durability of your weapon will increase to infinite on pressing the num 6 key.

8. Zombies can’t grab players

When activated, these cheat code players will be safe, and zombies won’t be able to grab them. They can use the num 7 key to activate these cheats.

9. Infinite resources

The players of the walking dead: saints & sinners can open infinite resources by pressing the num 8 key.


the walking dead: saints & sinners cheat table
The players can use infinite weapon durability cheat when the durability of the weapon decreases. Also, the infinite resources cheat code will work for the resources players already own so, to use this feature, you must have 1 cheat code.


The players now have the list of cheat codes for the walking dead: saints & sinners. If the player has the will to become a good player, then practice the game using cheats, and you will understand how to use various features of the game.

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