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Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Trainer v1.3, Cheat & Mods

Are you upset because you cannot win the game or lack the necessary resources? Don’t worry for such players, trainers have come up with hacks and cheat codes that help the player make the most out of the game and help them become a confident player.

So, to understand how to cheat code work in ace combat 7 skies unknown, read the full post, and you will find all your answers!

ace combat 7: skies unknown poster
Game Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown
Genre Simulator
Developer Project Aces
Publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment
Themes Action, Warfare
Players Perspectives First person,Third person,Virtual Reality
Release Date Jan 18, 2019
Game Modes Single player, Multiplayer

This game is a combat flight simulation game in arcade style. It is a 7the entry to the Ace Combat series and playable on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and ps 4. The game supports VR and offers different missions for PlayStation VR headsets.
ace combat 7: skies unknown cheat codes

Ace Combat 7: skies unknown feature a realistic flight model and faster arcade-like gameplay. The players select either novice or expert control settings. Expert settings will allow players to use realistic aircraft maneuvers like high-g-turns and rolls.

Also, the game offers 28 different aircraft and also has downloadable content. The players are given F-4E Phantom 2 as a pre-order bonus. Most of the aircraft in this game is licensed from the real world, and also there are set of fictional superplanes.

Players can earn in-game currency “MRP” in single-player campaigns or by competing in multiplayer mode. This currency is then used to buy extra aircraft and equipment. The game begins with F- 6 C and unlocks MiG- 21 of F-104C Starfighter on completion of the 4th singlet player mission, and they don’t need MRP to unlock it.
ace combat 7: skies unknown cheat

In multiplayer mode, you get battle royale mode and team deathmatch mode. Both of these are PvP mode, and platers have to shoot down enemy aircraft to gain points. The two models differ in the way that team deathmatch involves 2 teams and 4 platers, and battle royale has no teams.

1. Invincible

The players can become invincible by using cheat code in ace combat 7 skies unknown. They will become undefeatable so, to use this feature, players can press num 1 key on their keyboard.

2. Infinite machine gun ammo

The players can make their machine gun ammo unlimited using trainer hacks and to use this hack. You need to press the num 2 key on your keyboard.

3. Infinite missiles

Missiles are helpful to attack and take down enemy aircraft, but you have limited missiles in the game. To unlock infinite missiles, you can press the num 3 key.

4. Missiles no cooldown

Missiles no cooldown feature, when activated your missiles, won’t require cool down. So, to activate this cheat code, press the num 4 key.

5. Infinite flares

Flares in the game are used to deter coming up missiles and projectiles towards your aircraft. To activate and achieve infinite flares, press num 5 key.

6. Flares no cooldown

The flares have no cooldown, when activated; flares will not cool down, so press the num 6 key.

7. Reset mission time

The reset mission time cheat code will allow players to reset the time and activate it using the num 7 key on your keyboard.

8. Max score

The players can easily gain max score in the ace combat 7 skies unknown by pressing num 8 key on your Numpad.

9. Infinite MRP

Using easy hacks and cheats, the players can unlock infinite MRP in this game. MRP is the currency to buy upgrades and aircraft. So to achieve the infinite MRP using cheat press num 9 key.

10. Zero parts weight

The players can unlock this cheat by pressing the num 0 key.

11. MRP multiplier

You can use the MRP multiplier in the ace combat 7 skies unknown by using the cheat code- ctrl + num 1 key.


One must remember that infinite MRP shows an effect on gaining or spending MRP, and max score will show the effect on gaining scores. Also, note that if you don’t have Numpad on your keyboard, you have to use the toggle switch to use the cheat codes in this game. The player, when want to disable some cheats they can simace combat 7: skies unknown cheat table
ply press Ctrl + shift + home key.


If you want to use the cheat codes as given in the above list, you will have to download the cheat file or trainer mod of ace combat 7 skies unknown. You can download the cheat file of the game according to the version of the game you own. Don’t download the cheat file of the latest version if you are still using the old version of the game, as it may not work. Find the suitable cheat file on the trainer for the game you own and apply cheat codes to have various benefits in the game.

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