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Contra: Rogue Corps Trainer v1.4, Mods & Cheats

Contra Rogue Corps is a single-player game. A perfect mod to play the game is the player alone. The game of Corp is more enjoyable online in co-operation. Some Co-op is available to play offline too. In the co-op mode, max four local players can blast the foe with fun.

The time of beating the Contra Rogue Corp goes up to 20hours approximately. As per the IGN, it does not take more than 20hours to complete the task. Now, the Contra game does not remain the hour’s game.

The trainer of the Rogue Corp makes a difference in the hours of winning the game. The cheat file that exists inside the game package has lists of the cheat codes. The cheat codes have been made accessible only with their keys to activate. The hacks of the trainer belong to the activation of the immunity and boosters.

Some powers also get activation on implying certain conditions. The Corp game is full of action and adventure at every level.

contra: rogue corps cover
Game Contra: Rogue Corps
Genre Shooter, Platform
Developer Konami
Publisher Konami
Themes Action
Players Perspectives Third-Person
Release Date Sep 24, 2019
Game Modes Single player, Multiplayer, Co-operative

The video game is a gun and runs Contra Rogue Corp from the Contra series. The developer of the game is Toylogic and the publisher Konami. The publishers released the Contra game in September 2019. The Contra game is compatible with the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One.
contra: rogue corps cheat

After Contra 4 and ContraIII Alien, the corps of wars rogue set in the fictional Damned city.

The game has four playable characters featuring weapons customization for a wide range of degrees.
contra: rogue corps cheat table

Initially, the Corp game got negative mixed reviews on release.

The game faced criticism for its story and graphics. Customization and upgrade made the game suitable for praise.

Hotkeys and their activation options below will describe the player on the uses of the options and keys.

1. God Mod/Ignore Damage

The Num1 key activates the God mod as well as Ignore Damage power options.

2. Infinite Lifes/ Rrtries

The Num2 key will give excessive power to these options during the game. Infinite lives and retries are essential to have in the game to win.

3. Weapon No Overheat

To not let the weapons get the heat, the Num3 key will work. It saves the guns get down due to excessive heat in continuous fighting.

4. Infinite Rocket

The game of Corp consists the weapons like a rocket. To have the rocket on infinite, use the Num4 key. The rocket launch will turn down the bunch of enemies at once in a single attack.

5. Rapid Fire

The guns must fire rapidly while in the battle to get victorious.

The Rapid Firing power will come to the player on using Num5.

6. Skills Instant Cooldown

To have the instant cooldown skills, a player would need to use a key, Num6.

7. Max Mission Time

The Num7 will work for the Max Mission Time immunity activation. The option will set the mission time max to a certain value for finishing the level.

8. Develop/Upgrade Requires No Material

To have the power of development and upgrade, use Num9.

9. Super Damage/One Hit Kill

The power of Super Damage and One Hit Kill will come using Num0.

The power is essential in the fight of several foes to turn down at once.

10. Infinite Credit

The Infinite Credit will come after using CTRL+Num1 keys combinations. Infinite credit will help to buy items during the survival and in the fight for weapons.

11. Ignore Carnage Coins/Force Purchase

The Ignore Carnage of Coins and to force Purchase power, use Ctrl+Num2 combination. Purchasing without a coin is the exclusive option to have while a player loses the coins already.

12. Set Game Speed

To set the game speed, a player needs to press the Ctrl+Num3 combination of keys. The speed of the game is necessary to win the fights. Not giving the chance to fight back the opponent will save the life of the team.


contra: rogue corps screen

  1. The mission time limit will have the increment of 100 minutes on activation of the option “Max Mission Time Limit.”
  2. On gaining and spending the credits, the option “Infinite Credits” will take effect.
  3. On shooting the rockets, the option of “Infinite Rockets” comes into effect.
  4. To wipe off the effects of “Weapon Upgrade No Level Requirements,” restart the game again. The option “Develop or Upgrade Requires of No Material” requires restarting the game.
  5. The options will get restores after restarting the game.


The Corp game is a single-player game having four members’ teams inside it. To win the game, a player must read the file incorporated with cheat codes. The cheat codes and options are similar and accessible with the hotkeys. The hacks will save the player from turning down at several places. The powers and immunity using the right place and time will ensure victory.

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