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Dyson Sphere Program Trainer v1.9, Cheats & Mod

Dyson Sphere Program is the game constructing the Dyson sphere in space. The video game is a sci-fi simulation action game. The Dyson sphere program is a game of exploration the space and passes through the adventure.

There, a player will find the elements of factory automation to build the sphere in the space.

Although building such mega structures is not practically possible. It would be the stable system of Dyson sphere human engineer ability. The making of the sphere and craft needs to have transmission and maintenance.

The industrial capability will need to complete the Dyson sphere.

The game is to construct the Dyson sphere around the planets after finding a suitable location.

The trainer guides or hacks provide the methods to find the right place. The space needs drones for location searches sent from the stations.

The cheat codes present inside the cheat file can fast the creation of a sphere. The mod of making the building will be extraordinary skills.

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Game Dyson Sphere Program
Genre Simulator, Strategy, Indie
Developer Youthcat Studio
Publisher Gamera Game
Themes Science fiction, Sandbox, Open world
Players Perspectives Third person
Release Date Jan 21, 2021
Game Modes Single player

Dyson Sphere Program Description

A video game Dyson Sphere Program is full of adventure and fun.

Initially, it’s not the complete game; it is only the storytelling view. The game has beautiful visuals and features.
dyson sphere program cheats

The Logistics stations in the game let the player send the drones to revolve around the planet. The game is about finding a place and obtaining tools to create the sphere in the space.

The game is adventurous to find the objects and execution of the building process.

Dyson Sphere Program Trainer Options

The trainer hacks in the form of options, and Hotkeys are there in the lists. Below are the methods to use them for activation of the options.
dyson sphere program cheat codes

Each option carries a specific key and related immunity for a particular condition in the game.

1. Infinite Energy

The option of Infinite energy has the activation key Num1.

2. Instant Mining/Gathering

The construction includes Mining and gathering also. The Instant Mining and Instant Gathering options will work with the Num2 key.

3. Instant Crafting

The Building of the sphere involves the crafting process also. To have the Instant Crafting activation, use Num3.

4. Instant Research

The Instant Research option will give the advanced sight to look and find. The Instant Research activation work with the Num 4 key.

5. Set Move Speed

The drone has to move at a certain speed to find the places in the space for the construction. The Move speed will come after the Num5 key activation.

6. Set Jump Height

Sometimes, a player needs to jump out of a high place to save self-life. The Jump high is also can set with the Num6 key.

7. Resource Pickup Multiplier

The resource pickup multiplier will enhance the speed of the resource picking process. The Option of Resource Pickup Multiplier will activate with the Num7 key.

8. 100% Rare Resource Drop Rate

The rare resource that cannot be found and is not easy to get will drop. To get the 100% drop rate use the Num8 key.

9. Set Game Speed

Setting up the speed of the game is essential for speeding up the construction work in the space. The power of setting speed will come after using the Num9 key.

10. Freeze Daytime

To freeze the day time only possible with the Num0 key.

11. No Crafting Material Requirement

The requirement decreasing is an important aspect of the game. No crafting material will save time and credits for building the sphere. To have the power, Ctrl+Num1 will work.

12. Unlock All Components & Buildings

The components used to construct the sphere and other building blocks would need to unlock. To unlock the following, a player needs to use Ctrl+Num2.

13. All Components Can Be Crafted By Hand

The component will not need the machines and auto mechanics. A player can craft the component with the hands only. The process requires using the Ctrl+Num3 key.

14. Infinite Items

Use the Ctrl+Num4 key to have Infinite items.

15. Infinite Fuel

For Infinite Fuel, use Ctrl+Num5.

16. Infinite Soil Pile

To have the Infinite Soil Pile, uses the Ctrl+Num6 key.


All items can be crafted by hand“ option works only in the facility.
dyson sphere program screen

The option of No Crafting Material Requirement” will work only on handcrafting the items and building the replicator.

The options will not work in shortcut bars and facilities.

To restore the need for material requirements, a player must restart the game. If the option of “No Crafting Material Requirement” needs to be disabled after its effect, just restart the game again.

The option of “Resource Pickup Multiplier” comes in effects on mining or gathering from the ground.

The option will not work for mining or gathering the resources from veins. The option will pick only one item at a time from the ground or veins.

The option of “Infinite Items” will affect the inventory of the player.


To complete the game in less time, use the trainers` code for Dyson Sphere Program.

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