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A Plague Tale: Innocence Trainer v1.0 and Cheats

A Plague Tale: Innocence is the game of adventure and action. The game is stealth action and disguising the enemies to overcome them.

The developer of the stealth game is Asobo Studio, and the publisher of the game is Focus Home Interactive. The following platform compatible is Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and PlayStation 4.

The other Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 are the versions released in July 2021.

The Nintendo Switch edition is a cloud-based version.

The 14th Aquitaine century has set in France during the war of hundred years.

The game story focuses on the ill brother Hugo and the plight sister of Amicia de Rune.

Both flee from the French soldier inquisition and the black plague spreading. The black plague spreads due to hordes of rats.

The player will use the stealth and limited tools combination to controls Amicia.

The tools and stealth ability are to hide from soldiers. The knock-out and distraction of the soldiers, puzzle-solving, and evade rat hordes include in the strategy.

Sometimes the survival becomes horror and consists of incorporating elements during the survival.

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Game A Plague Tale: Innocence
Genre Adventure
Developer Focus Home Interactive
Publisher Asobo Studio
Themes Action, Fantasy, Historical, Stealth
Players Perspectives Third person
Release Date May 14, 2019
Game Modes Single player

A Plague Tale: Innocence Description

The, A Plague Tale: Innocence game had positive reviews from entire critics. The next sequel of the game, A Plague Tale: Requiem, will release in 2022.

The player will see as the third person to control the Amicia de Rune.
a plague tale: innocence cheat

The game will need the stealth mod to ignore the hostile encounters. Otherwise, the enemies will kill Amicia instantly on getting caught.

Amicia has the equipment of a sling that throws the rocks for breaking the chains. The tool also creates distractions for the enemies.

The power of stun guards is long enough to ambush the rats.
a plague tale: innocence cheats

If the foe’s head is unprotected, then Amicia can kill them on a headshot.

Trainer has the hacks for the player to make them win if they follow the cheat codes. Cheat codes are nothing but the options to activate during the game. The cheat files include the cheat codes with codes.

The trainer needs the full story of the game to make the points of creating the codes. The Cheat file comes with the game package in the downloadable format.

The cheat file needs to download on the system to read the codes inside the file.

A Plague Tale: Innocence Trainer Options

  • The features of the game comprised the code and combination of the key. The trainer provided the lists of keys and options as cheat codes.
  • The cheat codes will provide immunity and boosting powers. It also delivers the stealth mod to disguise the enemies.
  • A trainer guides the form of files and cheats code present inside the game. The game trick is to survive on the stealth mod preferably. The stealth mode is the primary strategy to apply to hide the Amicia from rats.
  • The game comprises the survival puzzles series that comprise the tricky methods. A player uses the tricks to distract the hungry hoards rats to forward them to enemies.

Hotkeys and the Options-

1. Stealth Mode

The Stealth mode is nothing but the ability to hide the self from enemies as long as possible. If it does not have the power of Stealth, Amicia can get killed at once. The combination of the Num1 key will give access to the stealth option.

2. Infinite Items

The game needs to have infinite counts of items to survive in the game. The Num2 key will work for getting the items on infinite.

The items will need for the survival of the Amicia during the play.

3. No Crafting Requirement

To have the no crafting requirement in the game, a player needs a Num3 key. The crafting will have the hand mad methods also.

The crafting of materials will work for the emergency mod when no items are there.

4. Super Speed

The running and hiding speed of the Amicia is essential when enemies are following. The Super Speed option will work with the Num4 key. Super speed will quickly finish the levels to end up the tasks.

5. Disable All

The activated options like super speed, No crafting Requirement, and stealth mod will get inactive. The Disable All options will work for disabling all active options.


a plague tale: innocence cheat codes

  • The events are in the script form in the game. The option of Stealth Mode will not affect those scripted events.
  • If any player wants to craft without having materials, the option of “No Crafting Requirement” will get activation. But if the player has material already, the crafting process uses the material.


The A Plague Tale: Innocence game has the strategy of stealth mod. The game is the story of Amicia, who runs and hides from the enemies to achieve their goals. The trainer’s hacks will deliver the powers and immunities to the player to make them win.

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