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Minecraft Dungeons Trainer v1.2, Mod & Cheats

Minecraft Dungeons is a video game based on a dungeon crawler. The Minecraft video game developer is the Double Eleven and Mojang Studios.

The publisher of the game is Xbox Game Studios release the game in May 2020. The Minecraft sandbox is a spin-off video game.

The compatible PlayStations are Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Windows.

Initially, the game gained mixed reviews and ratings. The players deemed the game for fun with charming characters. The other reason for praise is the music and visuals. However, the game is simple due to the procedural generation.

The game got a more mixed comment reception for lacking depth and short story criticism.

Minecraft Dungeons is a 3D gaming rough object that sets the fictional world.

Mainly the fluids and cubes blocks are there as the objects in the game.

Both hostile mobs and peacefully inhabited representing in the game have several materials. Unlike Minecraft, the game comprises cutscenes and linear features. The game also consists of a story-driven campaign.

minecraft dungeons cover
Game Minecraft Dungeons
Genre Role-playing (RPG), Hack and slash/Beat ’em up, Adventure
Developer Xbox Game Studios
Publisher Mojang Studios, Double Eleven, Mojang Studios
Themes Action, Fantasy
Players Perspectives Bird view / Isometric
Release Date May 26, 2020
Game Modes Single player, Multiplayer, Co-operative

Minecraft Dungeons Description

Minecraft has many packs of expansion stories that continue the game. The story in the game has six expansions of four. The story fictions are Creeping Winter, Hidden Depths, Jungle Awakens and Howling Peaks.
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All parts follow a similar format of the story. One story is the shard that Orb for Dominance travels towards the Overworld region. The corrupt land nearby creates the monsters to fight with the players.

Similarly, the other parts have different fictions, like in the Jungle awakens in the creeping winter seasons. Orb shard is to liberating the other locations.

The trainer identified the critical points where the player would need the special cheat codes to come over the situations.
minecraft dungeons cheat table

The player will need the cheat codes that are only accessible from the cheat file. A cheat file is present inside the other game files list. The cheat file is available to download at the user system to read the scenario using the cheat codes.

The cheat codes are generally called options and come with access keys. The keys work for activation at the mod of need for a particular power. The hacks of the trainer guide will support the user to cross the level quickly.

Minecraft Dungeons Trainer Options

The features have hotkeys and options to access-

1. Infinite Health

Num1 key will activate the Infinite Health option.

2. Infinite Revives

Num2 key will activate the Infinite Revives option for the player.

3. Infinite Souls

Infinite Souls options will get the activation on applying the Num3 key.

4. Ignore Enchantment Cost

Num4 key will activate the option of ignoring Enchantment Cost.

5. Infinite Arrow

The option Infinite Arrow will work after pressing the key, Num5. The player will get the Infinite Arrows to fight the enemies. The Arrows will speed up the fight back to the opponent.

6. Infinite Emerald

Num6 is the key to activate the Infinite Emerald option for the player.

7. Emerald Multiplier

The Num7 key will activate the Emerald Multiplier option. Emerald will multiply for the support of players in the game.

8. Infinite XP

To have Infinite XP, use the Num8 key for the activation of the code.

9. XP Multiplier

The Num9 is for the activation of the XP Multiplier option. The option will support the player to have multiple XP.

10. Super Damage/One Hit Kill

The significant option of Super Damage and One Hit Kill will work with the Num0 key. One Hit Kill and Super Damage both support the user to turn down the enemy at once.

11. Damage Multiplier

The option of Damage Multiplier will get the activation with the key, Ctrl+Num1. The damage multiplier option will excess the damaging power to the enemies.

12. Set Game Speed

The significant option in the game is setting the speed of the game.

The suitable speed as per the player moves will work with the CTRL+Num2 key.


minecraft dungeons cheats

If the player falls off the up cliff, will pursue the definite damage. The option of “Infinite Health” has a limitation that will not sustain cliff falls.

When the player gains the souls or spends the souls, the option of “Infinite Souls” will comes into effect.

For the activation of “Ignore Enchantment Cost,” spending the enchantment points will need. The option works if the player has or does not have the points of enchantments.

On gaining and spending the emerald, the option of “Infinite Emerald” will come into effect.

On gaining XP the option of “Infinite XP” comes into effect.


The Minecraft Dungeons game is about the fictional stories of at least six.

The trainer depicted the ideas of the game for wins and victories.

Codes are the options from the trainer that supports the player to get the win. The player must use the cheat codes to complete the levels of the game.

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