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Mafia II: Definitive Edition Trainer v1.4, Cheats & Mods

With Mafia II: Definitive Edition trainers you can conquer the game like a pro! We have a total of 12 options that can help you last the longest in the game. Not just that, but it can also help you win.

Players use these cheat codes to gain various advantages in the game. For instance, these codes give you infinite resources, special powers, level up, etc.

To use these cheat codes you need to download the cheat file from our website. All the options are free to use, so you don’t have to bother spending money.

mafia ii: definitive edition trainer cheat
Game Mafia II: Definitive Edition
Genre Adventure
Developer 2K
Publisher D3T Limited, Hangar 13
Themes Action, Drama
Players Perspectives Third person
Release Date May 19, 2020
Game Modes Single player

Mafia II: Definitive Edition Description

Mafia II: Definitive Edition is an action-adventure title that hit the market in 2020. This newly released game is developed by Hangar 13 and published by 2K Games.
mafia ii: definitive edition cheat table

For those unversed, this game is the remake of the 2002 game Mafia. It is also the fourth main entry in the Mafia game series. Just like the original title, the remake is set within the fictional city of Lost Heaven, during the 1930s. It follows the rise and fall of Tommy Angelo, a cab driver-turned-gangster.

The game was released both individually and as part of the Mafia: Trilogy pack. You can play this game on different platforms including Windows, PS4, and Xbox One.

This is a full remake of the original title and is built from the ground up. It comes with a new extended story and new assets. It includes arcs and missions from the original game as well.
mafia ii: definitive edition cheats

In this single-player game, the players control Tommy Angelo. What’s new is the ‘Classic Difficulty’ setting, which happens to be the game’s hardest difficulty setting. It changes some gameplay mechanics such as police response to crimes, and ammunition management.

Besides the main story mode, the game includes a Free Ride mode. This allows the player to explore the city at their leisure.

Mafia II: Definitive Edition Trainer Options

If you are using the Mafia II: Definitive Edition trainer hacks for the first time, you should refer to the cheat table below.

1. Infinite Health

Using this hack you can obtain infinite health. For this, you need to press the num 1 key.

2. Infinite Ammo

With the help of this option, you can obtain unlimited ammo. You can trigger this option by pressing the num 2 key.

3. No Reload/Infinite Grenades

This useful mod can be activated by pressing the num 3 key.

4. Super Accuracy

This code will take effect when you press the num 4 key.

5. No Recoil

To apply the effects of this hack you need to press the num 5 key.

6. Rapid Fire

You can activate this option by pressing the num 6 key.

7. Enemies Can’t Shoot

By activating this code you can stop enemies from shooting. To make this code work you need to press the num 7 key.

8. SuperSpeed

This mod can be triggered by pressing the num 8 key.

9. Slow Motion

By pressing the num 9 key you can activate the slow-motion option.

10. One Hit Kill

With the help of this option, you can kill enemies with a single hit. This option can be triggered by pressing the num 0 key.

11. Edit Money

To edit money you need to press the Ctrl key and the num 1 key together.

12. No Wanted

You can trigger this option by pressing the Ctrl key and the num 2 key at the same time.


Here are some important tips you need to keep in mind while applying these cheat codes.
mafia ii: definitive edition cheat

1. “Infinite Health”

When activated, health may still decrease, but it won’t decrease to 0.

2. “Infinite Ammo”

This option takes effect when you reload ammo.

3. “No Reload/Infinite Grenades”

This trainer takes effect when you shoot or use grenades, and their values won’t decrease.

4. “Edit Money”

This code takes effect when you open the map.

5. “No Wanted”

If you activate this option after you are wanted by the police, you will need to escape the police to clear the wanted state.


Mafia II: Definitive Edition is one of the best action-adventure games you will ever play. It is packed with various features that ensure a great gaming experience.

If you find the game difficult, you have our cheat codes to help you out. All you need to do is press the right key and you are good to go.

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