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Scarlet Nexus Trainer v1.6, Mods and Cheats

SCARLET NEXUS Trainer Setup.exe

Scarlet Nexus trainers are very popular among players. They use it to gain various advantages while playing the game.

You are lucky to have found this page because we are offering a total of 16 free options. These cheat codes are programmed to help you whenever you need them. Some of these codes give you special powers, while some others provide infinite or unlimited resources.

To use these options, you need to download the cheat file from our website. After that, you can apply the codes by pressing the right keys.

scarlet nexus trainer cheat
Game Scarlet Nexus
Genre Role-playing (RPG), Adventure
Developer Bandai Namco Studios
Publisher Bandai Namco Studios
Themes Action
Players Perspectives Third person
Release Date Jun 24, 2021
Game Modes Single player

Scarlet Nexus Description

Scarlet Nexus is an action RPG game developed by Tose and Bandai Namco Studios. This is a newly released game that is published by Bandai Namco Entertainment.
scarlet nexus cheats

Just like most other modern games, this one is also compatible with Windows Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X and Series S.

This is an action-packed game that is played from a third-person view. In this game, the players get to control either Kasane Randall or Yuito Sumeragi, members of the Other Suppression Force who are assigned to defend New Himuka from Others.

Both Yuito and Kasane have the power of psychokinesis, which allows them to hurl objects at hostile enemies. The powers of the protagonist can be upgraded through accessing the “brain map”, which acts as the skill tree of the game.
scarlet nexus cheat table

As players make progress, they will encounter different party members who will help them in combat. Each companion has its unique combat abilities. The protagonist can acquire these abilities with the help of a brain link.

Scarlet Nexus Trainer Options

We have included all the details you need to know about these cheat codes in the cheat table below.

1. God Mode/Ignore Hits

This option helps you to enter God mod, so you can ignore all hits. For this, you need to press the num 1 key.

2. Infinite Health

With the help of this hack you can gain infinite health. To activate this code you need to press the num 2 key.

3. Infinite Psychokinesis

For this option to take effect you need to press the num 3 key.

4. SAS Skills Instant Cooldown

You can take advantage of this option by simply pressing the num 4 key.

5. Infinite Item Usage

For this option to work you need to press the num 5 key.

6. Stealth Mode

With the help of this cheat code you can switch to stealth mode. For this, you need to press the num 6 key.

7. Set Game Speed

Using this option you can set the game speed. This code can be activated by pressing the num 7 key.

8. Set Move Speed

To set the movement speed, you need to press the num 8 key.

9. Infinite Jumps

By pressing the num 9 key, you can jump infinite times.

10. Super Damage/One Hit Kill

Using this code will help kill your enemies in a single hit. This option will take effect when you press the num 0 key.

11. Damage Multiplier

By pressing the num. key you can multiply the damages.

12. Infinite Money

To gain infinite money, you need to press the Ctrl key and the num 1 key together.

13. Money Multiplier

You can multiply the money you have by pressing the Ctrl key and the num 2 key at the same time.

14. Edit BP

To edit BP, you need to press the Ctrl key and the num 3 key together.

15. Infinite Exp

With the help of this option you can obtain infinite exp. For this, you need to press the Ctrl key and the num 4 key together.

16. Max Bond Progress

To make this option work, you need to press the Ctrl key and the num 5 key at the same time.


Before you start using these trainer hacks, you need to know a few important things. We have listed the details below to give you a better understanding.
scarlet nexus screen

1. “Infinite Item Usage”

This hack takes effect when you use or sell items. For this option to work the item quantity must be greater than 1.

2. “Stealth Mode”

If you activate this code during battle, you will need to finish the battle before you can enter stealth mode.

3. “Infinite Money”

This mod takes effect when you gain or spend money.

4. “Money Multiplier”

It should be noted that this option doesn’t affect the display value. But the money you gain will be multiplied before adding to the total money amount.

5. “Edit BP”

This code takes effect when you open the menu.

6. “Infinite Exp”

This option will take effect only when you open the menu or gain exp.

7. “Max Bond Progress”

This mod takes effect when bond progress increases. However, it only works for party members. Once the bond progress is maxed, you still need to talk to party members to increase their bond level.


If you are a fan of action RPGs, then you will surely love Scarlet Nexus. It is a newly released game, so you will have to play to know the details.

In case, you find the game difficult, you have these trainers to help you out. These options are free and can be used as many times as you want.

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