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Little Nightmares Six – A Dangerous Protagonist

Little Nightmares Six

Little Nightmares is all about Six, a scrawny young protagonist killed over and over again by environmental hazards and monsters against a grim backdrop. Though Six may come across as a fragile-looking hero, the game naturally wants to evoke a sense of helplessness that children feel.

You play as a small girl who is trapped in a massive vessel of damned souls where everyone is desperately trying to get their next meal. Throughout the game, you are trying to evade creatures occupying different regions of the vessel. The game features storybook-y visuals where every object has been perfectly modeled.

The developer of the game, Tarsier Studios has done a good job in tapping into the primal childhood fears which begin with an overwhelming sense of smallness in a very big world. Little Nightmares begins by dropping you into a mysterious underwater structure referred to as the Maw. The surroundings tilt and shift in nauseating ways and there are several grisly things to uncover in the process.

Earlier you will walk past the dangling feet of a hung man who Six is too short to see. She then gets chased by a blind janitor with long arms. The vibe that the game exudes is that of a dark fairytale crossed with the Industrial Revolution era complete with mechanical contraptions and hissing pipes.

Despite not being powerful, the protagonist can lift small objects and carries a lighter to brighten the gloomy hallways. Other than that her abilities are quite limited. When in danger, all she can do is run and hide.

The origin of the game dates back to more than a decade after the founding of Tarsier. Back then, the tea had the idea to develop a gothic, industrial horror experience in the game originally named the City of Metronome.

The concept seemed too ambitious for a beginner and the developer eventually worked on several games before returning to the concept. The developer intends to remind players of what it felt like to be a child.

Six’s tiny stature makes the simplest tasks feel daunting. Even scaling a bookshelf and turning on television seems daunting and requires a great deal of effort and planning when there is no one around to help you. The game is all about mystery. There are no words, spoken or written. You just need to observe and apply logic to explore.

Personality of Six

The character cannot speak but her personality becomes evident through her actions. Throughout the game, the protagonist displays characteristics of an anti-hero and does not care about anyone. Her main objective is her survival and escape the resort alone. She suffers from insatiable hunger-pains throughout the game and she can eat anything to ease the pain.

Enemies of Six

(1).  The Janitor

The Janitor

The Janitor is a dangerous blind man appointed by an unknown person to take care of the Maw, which is a massive area floating amid the ocean and famous for imprisoning small kids. However, at some point, Six manages to escape from other children and starts looking for a way out. After learning about her escape, the Janitor starts chasing her but she manages to defeat him by damaging his arms with an elevator door.

(2).  The Twin Chefs

The Twin Chefs

During the escape, Six enters into the kitchen where she has to deal with two chefs who are preparing the annual feast on the Maw. They realize that Six is a trespasser and struggle to catch her. However, she successfully eludes the chefs by grabbing onto the moving hooks used for transporting meat.

(3).  The Lady

The Lady

After overcoming a lot of hurdles, Six approaches a guest area where the guests gorge themselves on a variety of food. The event is organized by The Lady who is responsible for managing the guests attending the feast. However, the guests seem mad for food and try to eat Six. However, Six manages to escape due to her fast reflexes and unbelievable speed.

Little Nightmares Six Edition

In this edition of the game, you get to engage in epic gameplay in which you are confronted by a dark tale reminding you of the dark memories of your childhood. Set on an epic journey, this shadow-filled adventure has quite an interactive storyline and outstanding sound work that is bound to offer you chills and goosebumps. During the game, you will come across a detailed world that damages the line between dreams and nightmares as you help Six escape The Maw which is a land full of corrupted souls searching for their next meal.

In Summary

Little Nightmares exceptionally captures the fear of waiting to be found by something hunting for you. It also replicates the horror of being a child that has no clue of what is happening around them in an unfamiliar environment. This horror game will leave you wanting more with its unique style, gameplay, and design.

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