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All Pokemon Starters by Generation

All Pokemon Starters by Generation

It is inarguably the most important decision that a player needs to make while playing Pokémon to decide which Pokémon to catch on the adventure. As players tend to become attached to the Pokémon they are partnering with, they can be divisive about what choice they need to make. If you are wondering which Pokémon is actually the best to team up with, then here is a list that covers the core series of legendary Pokémon by generation. This will help you make the right move in the process.

1. Froakie / Frogadier / Greninga


Greninja is the greatest starter of all time. It boasts the fastest speed of any starter and paired with its special and menacing attacks makes it the best offensive threat. Froakie is capable of striking down any opposition before they even have the time to react to an attack. With STAB attacks, Greninja can pick apart entire teams while circumventing common checks and counters simultaneously.

Greninja’s Mega Evolution alternative which is the Ash for enhances its Speed and also its attacks while boosting the power of its signature move making it more devastating. Its greatest weakness is its four-move syndrome and the limitations it has when it comes to the maximum coverage it can run at a time. Despite this, Greninja is concise in the entire franchise and its caliber makes it one of the best starters in general.

2. Charmander / Charmeleon / Charizard


This is one of the most recognized Pokémon globally and in the history of the franchise. It is exceptionally designed when you consider everything from design to utility. Its strong special attack and impressive speed make it a special sweeper. Its special Dragon Dance for enhancing its Speed and Attack and its hidden ability of Solar Power boosts its special attack in sunlight.

Charizard also provides incredible coverage when it comes to fighting, fire, flying, grass, ground, dark, rock, dragon moves, and a Thunder Punch. Though it is difficult to distinguish the base Charizard from its two Mega Evolutions – Mega Charizard X and Y, it gives immense utility as a wall breaker and sweeper with new abilities and a stellar stat boost. Although not the strongest candidate, it is still a mass favorite for a reason.

3. Bulbasaur / Ivysaur/ Venusaur


Despite being the least popular among Kanto starters, Bulbasaur is the most viable original starter competitively and also the best early starter for a Kanto play-through. Venusaur makes an excellent defensive, attritional attacker and its utility extends beyond. Bulbasaur is beautifully balanced and maintains respectable bulk with its special defense and access to restorative attacks such as Giga Drain, Leech Seed, and Synthesis.

Chlorophyll, which is its hidden ability doubles Venusaur’s speed in strong sunlight, becomes a sensational special attacker which is capable of emitting an instant Solar Beam! When paired with previously competitive picks, even the most passive Venusaur can turn into an aggressor. Moreover, it can persist in a passive approach with the most venomous toxic build or Leech Seed. This Pokémon has a lot of versatility to offer and is a fairly limited range of attack coverage to offer.

4. Scorbunny / Cinderace / Raboot


Cinderace has the fourth-highest attack and is the third fastest starter. It is capable of attacking an opponent with blistering speed and force. It features a high Attack stat and is a versatile team player. It has the right strength and pace to get around defenders and has the necessary technical skill to set the team for success. The versatility comes due to strong utility moves along with incredible coverage. Its signature Court Change swaps the effects on either end of the field making the best defense.

What’s more incredible is its hidden ability, Libero and Protean, one of the best offensive abilities in the game. This turns every attack Cinderace uses into a STAB attack. The arsenal of powerful coverage attacks makes it one of the best Pokémon to have.

5. Cyndaquil / Quilava / Typhlosion


Cyndaquil is one of the fastest and furious Pokémon you can have. Though Cyndaquil’s stats appear the same as that of Charizard, it still falls into the category of one of the fastest and furious Pokémon. While Charizard has an edge over Typhlosion, it still has a reliable attack and simplicity in approach. It erupts easily into life with a lethal force. The incredible statistics paired with ungodly attacks such as Eruption makes it hit with excessive force. Overall, Typhlosion has well-balanced stats and can utilize physical attacks too. It also has a strong arsenal of special attacks and hidden abilities.

6. Squirtle / Wartortle / Blastoise


Why Blastoise hasn’t been ranked high is that it does not have any remarkable or special attack stats. Despite being relatively balanced, the Shellfish Pokémon can utilize both special and physical attacks. Instead, it emphasizes defense with the third-highest defense and second-highest special defense of any starter. However, it is truly versatile. Its natural defenses make it a solid tank-type Pokémon.

Also, it fits naturally into the role of a defensive spinner which clears the field of hazards. Its Mega Evolution allows it to transition into an offensive spinner or into an assault tank more effectively than ever before. With a variety of attacks available, Blastoise can shatter an opponent’s hopes.

7. Popplio / Brionne / Primarina


Despite being ranked low, Popplio is not a bad Pokémon and is viable in both singles and doubles play. Primarina boasts of the highest special attack and defense of any starter. Despite the shallow move pool, the Pokémon has some powerful moves you can take advantage of.

In summary

Not all starters are created the same. Some possess inescapable weakness and others have granted phenomenal god-tier abilities. Despite not being the same, each starter has its own fans and they love enjoying them regardless of their status and flaws. There is no single best starter. You have eight generations of Pokémon starters to choose from and embark on adventures with.

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