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Bendy and the Ink Machine – Chapter 1

Bendy and the Ink Machine  - Chapter 1

The first chapter of the game Bendy and the Ink Machine sets the tone for the entire storyline. It revolves around the protagonist henry, who is an animator visiting the old workshop he had stopped working for 3 decades ago. Just as he enters it, he comes across something he does not expect to be there. The first remastered update for the Chapter was released in April 2017.

The Plot

The first chapter sets the tone for the thrilling adventure that lies ahead. You need to solve the riddle as Henry in order to escape the workshop. The plot revolves around Henry who tries and activates the Ink Machine upon entering the studio. He has to find six items for performing the ritual. After this, he gets sucked into the Ink Machine room only to be scared by Ink Bendy. He does his best to escape the studio but falls into the basement area. He utilizes an axe to break the wooden boards but enters the ritual room instead. In the end, he faints on the ritual symbol painted on the floor and the chapter ends with this.


As the game proceeds you will notice the word “Moving Pictures” appear in front of you in large letters. When they disappear, your character will start speaking and can move around for a little exploration. You will notice a locked door but you cannot get through it. You will also come across the Ink Machine. You need to get into the room for triggering the player. You need to locate the Break Room or the room with 6 pedestals. This would again trigger the player to say another line and your objective is to find all the six items.

Collecting the items

You need to pick all 6 pieces for restoring power to the machine. Once you walk into the Break room, your objective is to find six objects:

1.  A cog, a wrench, ink bottle, book, a record, and a bendy plush. These pieces can be found in numerous places. You can find the Wrench under Boris’s Guts, the Cog in a small music room, and the messy ink bottle under a table in the newly added drawing area. The projector room has the cute bendy plushy and the record can be found in the Break Room on the table.

2. After finding all the pieces, you need to turn on the ink flow. For this, you need to head to the projector room. While walking the hallway, you will notice a Bendy cut-out suddenly pop up from behind and disappear almost instantly. You need to keep walking until you get to the room. Once you get inside, the projector will turn on.

3. Turn on the Main Supply to run the machine. While heading back, you will notice Bendy trying to grab you. The doors will suddenly turn into other hallways through which you need to head to the Exit door. If you run back, you’re free. But the floor under your feet almost collapses and you fall under the lower section of the building.

4. Start walking down the stairs and you will come across a room with wood planks and an axe. You will also notice these words smeared in ink, “The creator lied to us”

5. Pick an axe to get through the hallway as there is wood blocking the way. You need to chop this to locate the door. You will also come across a Satanic Circle on the floor. When you walk up to this point, you will notice three flashbacks, Bendy at your desk, a wheelchair, and an ink machine. Then you will faint and this will conclude the first chapter in the game.

The Creator

This will explain to you how to get the achievement in Chapter 1. Once you turn on the power supply and ink flow, you need to enter Boris’s room. You will see the ink flowing out of his stomach. On the right, you will notice a poster. Walk up to the poster and you will notice that you can actually go right through it. You will also come across an odd-looking figure with a round head, skinny arms, and a long body. This is the character Meatly. If you walk closely, this will trigger the voice line, “What the heck is this?” This will help you claim the achievement.


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