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Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 2

Bendy and the Ink Machine

Chapter two in Bendy and the Ink Machine game has been titled The Old Song. It was released on April 18, 2017. As a continuation to the story, you need to help Henry exit the basement he fell into. It is later revealed that the basement used to be the Music Department and you need to solve new puzzles and discover audio logs from the crew members while you try to avoid those inky creates referred to as Searchers.

The first remastered edition of the chapter was released in September 2017, and the last remastered update was made available in April 2018 with new features and texture improvements. If you enjoyed the first chapter, you will also love exploring the workshop once you wake from after gaining your consciousness back.

Draining the Stairwell

Upon waking up, pick up an axe and start exploring your surroundings. Once you enter “Utility Shaft 9”, you will hear an audio log. Simply listen to it and you will hear the voice of Sammy Lawrence. Continue your quest down the small hallway which is full of ink. When you are halfway, you will encounter an ink monster passing through. Just as you move forward to greet him, the monster will disappear. Reach the big gate and look for three switches to open it.

Once you have opened the gate, you will find yourself in the music department. Reach for the stairs and you will learn that you need to power up the ink pump for draining the ink flooding the floor. Turn the power switch on and you will notice the lights going out. Just move around and you will witness a ton of ink monsters attacking you. Try to kill them with your axe. Once all of them have been defeated you will see a gate opening. Check the audio log once before going in there. You will hear Sammy Lawrence again complaining about the machine leaking.

Unlocking Wally’s Closet

Once you have heard the log, pass through the gate and enter the big hallway. One of the doors in the hallway led to a pipe organ. Play it and you will hear someone calling for help. At the end of the hallway, you will come across Sammy’s office. Peek through to spot the pump switch. You will also hear someone sounding like Wally Franks. He will tell you that he lost his closet keys in the garbage can. Look for the key and get into his closet to find another audio log of Sammy Lawrence again.

Go back to the entrance and take the stairs. You will spot a projector that you need to turn on. Play an audio log and you will hear Norman Polk complaining about Sammy and how weird he is. In the instrument room, you will hear another audio log of Susie Campbell speaking about her love for her new character Alice. Activate the projector and play all the instruments that Sammy mentioned in the audio log. This will open the Sanctuary. You need to enter it and activate the ink flow. This will drain the ink from Sammy’s office. However, you need to be careful at this point as you will have to face a cardboard bendy peeking at you.

Find the second valve

Now get past the instrument room and defeat the ink monsters you encounter on your way. Get into the infirmary and pull the lever nearby for going down the stairs. You will again come across an audio file but of Jack Fain this time. You will meet him as you proceed in the game.

Jack Fain has the valve you have been looking for. He is not going to give it to you easily. Chase him till he gets under the lift and then pull the lever to the right so that he gets crushed by the lift. Pick the valve and place it on the infirmary pipe. Now enter Sammy’s office and grab the ink pump switch. Head to the stairs and you will meet Sammy.

When the screen loads, you will find yourself in a room tied up with Sammy right in front of you. He is about to sacrifice you to his lord Bendy. He gets killed by bendy and you manage to escape closely. Grab the axe and start running. If you escape and manage to enter the room, you will notice a little bottle of Bacon soup implying there is someone around. If you ask them to reveal their presence, Boris will enter the room. This is the point where the third Chapter begins.

In summary

Follow the walkthrough to clear the chapter with much ease. There are some twists and turns in the chapter which you can easily clear if you go through everything mentioned in this Chapter 2 walkthrough.

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