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Bendy And The Ink Machine Characters

Bendy And The Ink Machine Characters

Bendy and the Ink Machine is a puzzle action horror game. You get to play the game as Henry as he faces the demons of his past by visiting an abandoned workshop of an animator, Joey Drew Studios. The thrilling twists and turns in the game make it very exciting. You never who what is who is waiting for you in the world of shadows and ink. You need to solve the riddle to explore the workshop.

Characters of the game

Bendy and the Ink Machine characters are quite interesting. Here are the popular ones you will encounter during the course of the game.

1. Henry


The main character in the game is Henry Stein and the one you would be playing. He is a former animator of Joey Drew Studios working under Joey Drew and was entrusted with the task of creating various toon characters including Alice Angel, Boris the Wolf, and Bendy. After he left his old workplace for nearly three decades, he receives a letter from his ex-business partner and old friend to work on something special.

Over the course of time, it becomes evident that the Ink Machine is no regular animation tool but has the power to bring the characters to life. Henry is left to use his wits to survive those characters and try to escape to the outside world. Henry comes across as a soft-spoken man who barely expresses his emotions to any annoyance or shock. He comes across as a punctual worker and curious about his surroundings.

2. Joey Drew

Joey Drew

Joey Drew is an old friend of Henry Stein and also the founder of Joey Drew Studios. He is famous for introducing popular characters such as Bendy as both a writer and a director. He is described as selfish, unethical, and greedy by his workers as he demands a lot from them and forces them to work in poor working conditions.

He tries using Ink Machine for creating living versions of cartoon characters. However, they turn out to be mutated and start wreaking havoc. He has been mentioned several times in various chapters of the game.

3. Sammy Lawrence

Sammy Lawrence

Sammy is an award-winning musician and composer. He also directs the music department at the Joey Drew Studios. He is popular for composing music for the Bendy cartoons in the studio.

As he had grown frustrated with this tight schedule, he stole several ink bottles used for powering the Ink Machine in 1946. He would drink them almost every day which turned into a kind of addiction and ultimately ended up transforming him into a mind-corrupted creature. He shows up later in the game as one of the main antagonists.

4. Susie Campbell

Susie Campbell

Susie Campbell is a secondary character appearing in Chapters 2 to 4. She has been described briefly by Joey Drew in Chapter 5 in an audio log. She is also the former voice actress of Alice Angel and worked with the studio for several months. She also voiced other characters before being replaced by Allison Pendle.

5. Grant Cohen

Grant Cohen

The Chief Financial Officer at Joey Drew Studios, Grant Cohen is a man responsible for managing the finances at the studio. He is frustrated that Joey’s ambitious plans and endless stream of ideas are costing the studio a lot of money. Joey’s excessive spending even peaked to the point where Grant had to send a memo to the team regarding the taxes. He also wrote an annotation to inform Joey of his company’s investments and warned him to manage the spending better to ensure that the company was running stable.

6. Jack Fain

Jack Fain

He is a former lyricist at the Music Department of the studios. Like several other employees, he also became a victim to the ink machine characters. Under unknown circumstances, he gets transformed into a Swollen Searcher while having his bowler hat as an accessory.

7. Norman Polk

Norman Polk

Normal Polk is a Southern employee and also a lead projectionist of the studios. He comes across as a suspicious man who had an uncanny ability to notice trouble. His eventual fate made him a victim of the strange happenings at the studio and also to paranormal activity led by Henry Stein, the lead protagonist.

8. Bendy


Bendy is a robotic entertainer you would come across in the fourth chapter. He was created but left unfinished by Bertrum Piedmont. It just took him a month to work on this character. This bipedal robot is based on the famous cartoon character of the studio, Bendy. As it is not in its complete state, it lacks every suit armor.

Since the robot was left unfinished, it does not move or come alive in the game. However, it was created for the purpose of entertaining and for showing off his dancing skills. Lacie in her audio log mentions that she feels that the animatronic is always watching her and that it gives off a creepy aura.

9. Shawn Flynn

Shawn Flynn

He is an Irish toy designer who has created several toys based on the cartoon characters designed by the studios. He also made Bendy dolls but painted them incorrectly. He comes across as a worker who is not focused on details and speaks in a Dublin accent.

In summary

Bendy and the Ink Machine is quite an interesting game and feature a lot of characters in various chapters. Each character has unique traits and a role to play in completing the game. As you proceed in the game, you encounter various characters who promise an incredible time and thrilling experience in completing the puzzle.

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