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Best Nintendo Switch Capture Cards To Stream

Best Nintendo Switch Capture Cards

Evolution in digital technology has rapidly transformed the world of digital entertainment. For instance, game streaming was not a thing a few years ago. However, now with platforms such as Mixer and Twitch, the experience has become a regular thing. Want to create a high-quality stream for attracting a lot of viewers? For this, you need to utilize the best streaming equipment available.

What is a Capture Card?

Switch Capture Card is a specialized component that has been designed for capturing gameplay footage in real-time. Not all switch cards are accurate. Some even come with internal components that go into the PCle slot. But others connect via USB although these tend to be the cheaper variants. So instead of streaming video from your PC, the card will help capture the feed directly from the capture card. This will allow you to stream from the console via PC.

You must remember that the video quality would be based on the kind of capture card you are using. The best cards rely on H.264 encoding. However, there are several other methods possible. Here are some of the best Nintendo switch capture cards for you to rely on.

1.  Roxio Game Capture HD Pro

Roxio Game Capture

This capture card comes at a reasonable price without sacrificing features. It features an H.264 encoder which would make a solid choice if your rig doesn’t have the latest video card. You can link it to your PC via USB so that you can use it even if you don’t have any open Pcle slots. A USB cable comes packaged with the kit so you will not require a second HDMI cable to get started. Also, the system configuration required for compatibility is relatively minimal.

You can stream from the Game Capture HD Pro with a regular processor. This implies that you don’t have to worry even if your PC is not a gaming machine. It requires just 2GB of available RAM. The downside of using this card is that it uses USB 2.0 instead of 3.1 so you might experience some latency issues. This is something you will have to learn to accept if you are using an inexpensive capture card. Also, the card is not compatible with Mac. Hence, Mac users will have to scroll down the page for another option.

The Game Capture HD PRO uses an auto-capturing feature that can record the last hour of gameplay. You wouldn’t lose out on the video despite having connection errors. In addition, you get to enjoy other streaming features such as picture-in-picture boxes, video transitions, and on-screen text to make your stream appear more professional. Another noteworthy feature of this card is that you can live-stream directly to YouTube and Twitch and you don’t have to wait for a long time for videos to render.

2. AGPTEK Video Capture

AGPTEK Video Capture

If you are looking for more value and don’t mind paying a little extra, then the AGPTEK Video capture is worth considering. You can connect it to your PC conveniently via a USB. There are a couple of features that make this capture card incredible. The first thing is that it is compatible with any operating system which implies that you can use it to stream your Nintendo Switch sessions through a Linux rig or Mac machine.

Another important upgrade is that this capture card can record up to 60 fps. This will help you capture the highest quality streams for your audience. The disappointing part is that this card does not automatically encode your game in H.264. Hence, you will have to rely on a more powerful rig to use it. You will have to use at least Core i5-3400 and an NVIDIA GT630 on your device. If you are using Mac, you will have to use the i5 quad-core.

3. Elgato Game Capture 4K60 Pro

Elgato Game Capture 4K60

This capture card would make a solid choice for the streamers as it will cover all your bases if you are streaming from multiple consoles. This card supports HDMI input only and is compatible with any modern gaming console right from Xbox One to PlayStation 4 or high-end PC games. If you want to stream at 60 fps in 2160p, then your Twitch or YouTube streams would look extraordinary.

Another incredible feature of this card is that it comes with its own software suite. If you don’t want to invest in separate streaming software, then investing in this capture card would be a wise move. However, if you are keen on utilizing third-party software, then 4K60 Pro is compatible with most streaming software suites.

The only drawback of using this capture card is that it doesn’t come with built-in H.264 encoding. This implies you will have to rely on a powerful PC to reap the advantage of its incredible features. For a minimum, you will have to use a 6th generation Intel Core i7 Processor and GTX 10XX graphics card. If you don’t own a modern gaming PC, you are not able to use this capture card.

4. Roxio Game Capture HD Pro

Roxio Game Capture HD

This capture card comes with a built-in H.264 encoder which makes it an incredible choice if your system does not have the latest video card configurations. It easily connects your PC via USB so you can use it even if there aren’t any PCIe slots. The kit comes with a USB cable. Hence, all you need is a second HDMI cable to get started with. Also, the PC requirements are quite minimal. This implies that even if you do gaming on a console and your PC is not a gaming machine, you wouldn’t face any issues. All it needs is 2GB RAM and DirectX 9.

The downside of this capture card is that it relies on USB 2.0 instead of 3.1. Hence, you may experience some latency issues in the process. Moreover, it is not compatible with Mac. So Mac users need to look for other options. The Game Capture HD PRO relies on an auto-capturing feature that can record the last hour of gameplay. If you experience any connection issues, then you wouldn’t lose the video in the process.

In summary

If you have been looking for the best Nintendo Switch Capture Cards for streaming, then you can consider the models which we have reviewed above. There are a plethora of options available which can be quite overwhelming. Hence, we have shortlisted the best models available right now from the users who love streaming their gaming sessions for their audience.

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