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Borderlands 2 BFFs Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 BFFs Walkthrough

Borderlands is an exciting game rich with tons of missions. A mission is a task that fetches the player with rewards upon completion. This can include experience points, money, and other loot. Missions can be found all over the world of Pandora. The game has a total of 126 missions of which 46 are a part of the main story. The remaining 80 are side missions and do not affect the progress of your game in any way. However, they provide you enough loot and experience points to assist with the game progress indirectly. If we consider all the options missions and others, Borderlands has a total of 216 missions.

Borderlands 2 BFFs is a mission you will come across in the game and is assigned by Sam Matthews. The mission becomes available once you complete Where Angels Fear to Tread Part 2. The story begins with four friends condemning each other over missing money they all had robbed together. They are caught in a standoff and seek your help in identifying who stole it.


Once you accept the mission, Marshall Friedman will contact you via ECHO claiming that only one person will state the truth and that the other three friends are lying. He requests your assistance in uncovering the identity of the thief and requests you to shoot him/her. Based on the information provided to you by Friedman, you need to deduce who the true culprit is.

If Sam is the thief, then it implies that three people are telling the truth and one is not. If Lindy or O’Cantler were the thieves, then there are two people lying and two telling the truth. This leaves the possibility that if Jim were the thief then three people are lying and one is telling the truth. This implies that Jim is the culprit and you need to shoot him for completing the mission assigned to you.

Observation in the mission

Each of the potential culprits is walking around carrying something around their back. Jim is wearing a large backpack that has a dollar sign on it. From this evidence, you can assume that Jim could be the thief. If Jim is shot in the mission, a fair amount of money will drop from his corpse. Shooting anybody else will result in Jim running away though the reward for the mission will be given to you anyway. If you complete the mission successfully, you would be defusing a tense situation prevalent among the four friends.

In summary

Despite being an optional mission in the game, BFFs is an incredible mission to take up. It is assigned by Sam Matthews and you got to help solve the mystery of who the culprit is among four friends. Assist Marshall Friedman when he tries to contact you by ECHO. Provide him assistance by helping him identify who the real culprit is and earn rewards in return.

Fun Trivia

The four robbers in the BFFs mission have been named from the current and former hosts of Destructoid’s game-centric podcast Podtoid:

  1. Samit Sarkar (Sam)
  2. Aaron Linde (Lindy)
  3. Jim Sterling (Jim)
  4. Topher Cantler (O’Cantler)

The podcast was co-hosted by the lead writer of Borderlands 2, Anthony Burch. He co-hosted the podcast while he was working full-time as a writer at Gearbox Software.

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