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Borderlands 2 Message in a Bottle

Borderlands 2

Botherlands 2 is a popular game developed by Gearbox Software. The game is set on the planet of Pandora and follows a group of Vault Hunters who need to team up with Crimson Raiders to defeat Jack for unlocking the power of the new Vault. The game earned extremely positive reviews since its launch and allows players to explore the in-game world and complete both main missions as well as side quests that are optional. Once such side-quest in the game in Message in a Bottle. If you are wondering what it is all about, then read further to learn the details.

The Message in a Bottle side-quest can be activated by finding a message in a bottle. As a part of this quest, you have to locate scattered treasure chests throughout your mission. Some chests are really difficult to find and are well hidden while some are relatively easy to locate and come with a large X mark written over them. However, by keeping a few tips in mind, you will be able to track down every last one of them.

Message in Bottle Treasure Locations

Message in Bottle Treasure Locations

• Oasis

This mission begins with you finding the bottle at Rockview Rest Stop. You need to first head to the Eastern side where you will come across an alley. Enter the alley and you will find the chest inside a yellow building with an X painted on a garage door. There is just one shuttered door here with a green button. You need to press the button and will find the treasure inside.

• Hayter’s Folly

In this mission, you need to head to the southwestern corner of the map and then you need to jump off the bridge. You will come across a few rocks when you do so. Now, climb around the waterfall and leap across to the other side. Just explore the area near the fake wall and examine carefully to locate the bottle tucked into it.  Break open the bottle and you will be informed about a secret room. Fight off the enemies and look for an X mark in the back-left corner for locating the treasure.

• The Rustyards

In this quest, the bottle is kept within the back of a board secured within the ship’s hull. You need to go to the west end of the yard sticking close to the Cliffside. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for worn-down shacks that have been littered with garbage. Inside them, you will come across the X mark which you need to interact with for revealing the treasure.

• Wurmwater

This mission begins once you have interacted with a bottle tied to a cliff near a palm tree.  Make your way to the center of the area and you will come across a canyon that leads to the center from the east. Here you will come across an anchor. You will find X on the left side of the anchor. Just interact with it to get the treasure.

• Magnys Lighthouse

You will come across the bottle with a message on a ledge near the tunnel at the back of Spire Town Docks. Look carefully to find the gap between the tunnel and the rock which reveals an opening onto the ledge. You need to be a little careful here of the stalkers. Once you fight them off and head further, you will come across an abandoned sand skiff wreck where you will find the bottle with a message.

Head to the lighthouse on the north side where you will find large rocks towards the north edge of the cliff. The rocks are difficult to climb from your current position and hence you to get to the top of the lighthouse.

Looking down you will come across the rocks. Jump from the lighthouse and land on the top of the rocks. You will find yourself next to the X after the jump. Interact with it for revealing the treasure.

In summary

Botherlands 2 is loaded with incredible quests and side quests that will keep you busy for a long looking for treasure and fighting your enemies. The game became quickly popular in no time since its launch. The critics praised the visuals of the game, story writing, and other features of the game. More than 20 million units were shipped upon the release of the game which makes it one of the most successful releases. You are bound to have an incredible time completing the missions and collecting treasure while trying this game.



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