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Hollow Knight Maps – A Complete Guide

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is a 2D action adventure video game in the Metroidvania style. It was developed by Team Cherry and was first released for Microsoft Windows on February 2017. It was ported to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in 2018 by Jump Shark Studios.


The storyline revolves around a Knight who embarks on a quest to uncover all the hidden secrets of an abandoned insect kingdom popular as Hallownest. As per the plot, the haunting depths of the kingdom draw in brave and adventurous while revealing valuable treasures and answers that they are looking for. A sequel to this game was also released owing to its popularity titled Hollow Knight: Silk Song.

The Knight can explore a massively interconnected kingdom of Hallownest using a variety of movement and combat techniques while navigating the underground maps. You need to kill enemies for obtaining necessary resources. The knight carries a nail that can be used in combat interaction. In classic Metroidvania style, there are regions that the Knight doesn’t have access to until he secures particular items or certain abilities. Maps for each area must be purchased from a shopkeeper. The Knight can also purchase upgrades that place.

Several areas on the map have a ‘boss’ enemy that the Knight must defeat in order to continue. Defeated enemies drop Geo, a currency that the Knight can use to purchase items from shopkeepers. If the Knight is killed, they respawn at the last place they rested and lose all their Geo. They need to then return to their place of death and defeat their Shade in order to recovery the currency. The Knight also gains SOUL by attacking enemies which the players can spend for recovering lost health or for activating special abilities. Health can also be recovered at Hot Springs which are located around the world, or by resting at a Bench.

Hollow Knight Maps

Hollow Knight

There are several possible ways in completing in the game. This implies that you choose a completely different way than the one mentioned here to complete your mission. The game has lots of explorable maps

In this guide we are focusing on Hollow Knight maps. We have also mentioned the best strategies a player can employ for overcoming all of them to win. The game currently has a lot of explorable maps and each has set of paths, areas and enemies to defeat as well.

Here are some popular maps encountered in the game

1. Forgotten crossroads

Forgotten crossroads

This area in the map covers ancient roads used by travelers and traders. These roads were utterly ruined and weren’t repaired. Hence, these have now become infested with strange creatures and aggressive bugs looking for someone to kill. Hence, you need to be careful while navigating the map as danger is lurking in every corner. This region consists of four areas for you to explore such as Temple of the Black Egg, Ancestral Mound, Special Rooms and Infected Crossroad.

This map is quite challenging and comprises of brutal enemies for you to defeat. The player need at least 30 Geo for unlocking the map where challenging bosses await the Knight including the False Knight, Gruz Mother, The Hollow Knight, Failed Champion and Brooding Mawlek.

While navigating the map, you can use powerful spells like Vengeful Spirit and can also defeat False Knight for unlocking a variety of items including the Vessel Fragment, Mask Shard and City Crest.

2. Greenpath


 Although the pattern and style of this map is similar to other maps, it also comes with objectives to complete, a set of items to unlock and three epic bosses to defeat – Hornet, Massive Moss Charger, and No-Eyes – Warrior’s Grave. The objective of the player is to navigate through the map from top-down perspective and meet the requirements of each task assigned by the game for unlocking items such as Mothwing Cloak, Vessel Fragment and Mask Shard. You need to spend 60 Geo for opening this game. You also need Mothwing clock for approaching Conifer and then move left and down from the Hunter for cutting some vines holding the logs and defeat the boss, Moss Knight.

3. Dirthmouth


 This is a small village from where the protagonist can enter Hallownest. Initially, the buildings are closed and only non-player characters can live here. However, several players have discovered that they can make their way back into the town and open the following buildings:  Confessor Jiji, Stag Station and Two Merchants. You will also encounter the massive bosses Nightmare King Grimm and Grey Prince Zote here.

4. Fog Canyon

This is one of the smallest areas in Hollow Knight video game which is completely filled with acid, fog and bubbles. You have two major areas to cover in this map: Overgrown Mound and Teachers’Achieves. There is only one boss that awaits the players here named Uumuu.

5. City of Tears

This place is the capital of Hallownest and serves as the heart of the great kingdom. You will come across guards still devoted to their jobs and husks of bugs in the region. The city seems to have been built into a cavern and water pours from the cracks in stones continuously. This city is also accessible from Fungal Wastes and through the Ancient Basin. Here you need to fight the four powerful bosses: Watcher Knight, The Collector, Soul Tyrant and the Soul Master.

6.Resting Ground

This massive area is filled with tombstones and graves. You can secure entry into this place via the Crystal Peak, Forgotten Crossroads and through the City of Tears. In this region you will find the location of Dreamers and will also find the Dream Nail. After completing this mission, your character will find himself in a house who gives lore to the map. You just have one boss to fight here named Xero.

7.Queen’s Garden

Queen’s Garden

This is a lush area full of thorns, perilous platforms and ornate gates. The gardens overrun with Mantis Traitors who were expelled from their area. All the gardens are covered with foliage of various shapes and sizes. The gates are guarded by two bosses such as Marmu and Traitor Lord. You have just one item to unlock here which is the Love Key. You can use it to open the Tower of Love.

8. Ancient Basin

This map will take you through the deepest part of the world where you will have to deal with several enemies and strange lifeforms. It also serves as the original location of the White Palace and also the home of the Pale King. The entire map is split into two locations: Hidden Station and Palace Grounds.

9. Kingdom’s Edge

This is the far eastern section of Hallownest and is fully covered with snow. However, bodies fall from Colosseum of Fools into the acid. This map leads you to a massive Geo deposit. You will also come across a lot of characters here to interact with including Tiso, Cornifer, Mister Mushroom and Hornet. You will also have to fight two powerful bosses here: Markoth and Hornet.

In summary

Hallownest is not a terrifying place to uncover. Though the things hiding in the place seem threatening and dangerous, the entire quest is quite thrilling. The better mapping system in the game allows a player to push on the boundaries before them.



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