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How to Unlock Natah Warframe Quest Complete Guide

Natah Warframe Quest

Natah is the main quest in Warframe that involves decoding the appearance of a strange drone. Completing this quest will reward the players with an Exilus Adapter and will also allow the purchase of blueprints from Cephalon Simaris. You will also be able to take part in Disruption missions after completing Natah Warframe Quest.


The Tenno encounters strange drones on a lookout for something. Upon scanning the drones, the Lotus will ask Tenno for assistance. Assuming that the Drones are of Corpus origin, Lotus sends Tenno to Earth for investigating these drones only to find old war wreckage. This further adds to her confusion. The Lotus realizes that these drones are Sentient Oculysts. Hence, she cuts off transmissions with Tenno right away upon realizing it. Conclave master Teshin offers his aid for unraveling the truth about the mysterious Lotus who is suspicious of her true motives.

On a quest for information about these drones, Tyl Regar leads efforts in excavating a tomb from Old War in the depths of Uranus. The Lotus mysteriously reappears thereby pleading the Tenno to stop Regor from entering his tomb. Their efforts go in vain as Regor awakens a Sentient accidentally.

The Lotus then reveals that her old name was Natah when she assumed a Sentient form. She crossed the Void from the Tau System to reach the Origin System thereby completing her mission. However, as sentient beings were programmed by Orokin creators to be vulnerable to the Void, the Lotus lost her ability to procreate. With Old War nearing an end, there was no need to kill the Tenno. Wanting children on her own, the Lotus decides to hide them away in the second dream. The Lotus also betrayed her own kind due to her selfishness to become a mother.


Natah is a main Warframe quest involving solving a strange drone suddenly appearing in the Origin System. The mission is to help The Lotus find a way out and to identify who sent the drone to them.

How to begin the Quest?

Grineer Sealab tile set Mission on Uranus is the best way to start scanning drones. You need to then scan an Oculyst successfully which is a mysterious drone that shows up randomly during your mission. Remember to equip a Codex scanner in your gear while starting the mission.

Throughout the mission, the drones will spawn and when they are near, you will hear an alert sound and will also come across a visual cue that appears like blue flashing lights. The drones spawn in pairs. However, you will need just one out of the two drones for the quest to start. Scan them and then complete the mission to extract. You will receive a message in your Inbox from the Lotus that she needs your help. This is how your quest begins.

Scan the New Drones

Scan the New Drones

Lotus presumes that the mysterious drone belongs to the Corpus and sends the Tenno to Gaia; Earth for collection more information by scanning the new drones. You will have to track the location of the drone while fighting Grineer enemies in the way until you arrive at wreckage hanging off a cliff.

When you finish scanning the Old War wreckage, Lotus will be more confused and will assign you a new task to scan more drones that will appear on your map. After scanning the last drone, the Lotus is surprised by the fact the drone is an Oculyst. She asks Tenno to be safe while abending him in the mission and letting Ordis become the mission operator. Ordis then directs Tenno to quickly head to extraction.

Help Teshin: Cassini, Saturn


Ordis informs Tenno that Teshin agreed to help in the absence of Lotus. Teshin will then ask you to go to Cassini, Saturn to procure more information about the mysterious appearance of the drones. You will have to assist Teshin by participating in a mobile defense mission. Upon completing the mission, the player receives a message which would be an intercepted message by Tyl Regor. The Tenno now needs to find a Grineer Sergeant that will lead him to the tomb.

Find the Sergeant: Sycorax, Uranus


You will now be on a capture mission to Grineer Sealab on Sycorax, Uranus that will lead you to capture the Grineer Sergeant Scur, a Drahk Master armed with Grakata. Once you start the mission, Teshin will ask you to find the Sergeant to reveal the mysterious tomb and suddenly the Lotus intervenes saying that Teshin is endangering the Tenno and has no authority to do so.   Once you complete the mission successfully, Teshin asks Lotus about the next mission. She orders him to stop Tyl Regor from gaining entry into the tomb.

Stop Tyl Regor: Ariel, Uranus

This is a Survival mission on Ariel, Uranus where the Tenno needs to fight against Grineer units for 10 minutes. Once the mission progresses, Tyl Regor manages to open up the artifact he is excavating. After unearthing Exilus Adapter from the ruins, Tyl Regor releases a Sentient who refers to the Lotus as Natah. Lotus explains that Natah was her old name and not who she is now and that we need to seal the Tomb. As the sentient is awake the Lotus urges the Tenno to destroy the tomb.

Seal the Tomb: Desdemona, Uranus

This time you need to do a 10 waves Defense mission on Desdemona, Uranus where you need to protect a bomb that would destroy the tomb. There are four objectives located at different parts of the map where the Tenno needs to switch between them on each wave. You can always use a Spectre if you need any assistance during the mission.

In the end it is revealed that Lotus was a Sentient who betrayed her family. She explains that she was supposed to destroy the Tenno during the Old War but fails to do so. Once the war was over, she hides Tenno away in the second dream resisting her nature and what she was trained for. She explains that Sentients cannot procreate upon arrival at the Origin system. It was a flaw that they never overcame. With the Old War coming to an end, there was no need to kill the Tenno.

Teshin concludes that the Lotus (Natah) desired children of her own; The Lotus affirms that she has become Tenno’s mother and the daughter Natah does not exist anymore.


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