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Overwatch’s Borders And Portraits For All Levels


Overwatch’s level borders specify the experience of your teammates. As you progress in the game and gain certain experience, you will level up and as well earn stars of your border. Figuring out the level of a player by simply going through Overwatch’s level borders could be quite difficult. This is the reason why we have provided everything you need to learn about level borders. It doesn’t indicate skill and can be used to tell if a player is an experience in the game or not.

How do Overwatch’s level borders work?

Whenever you start playing the game, you are assigned a default Overwatch Level border of one with no stars. For every 100 levels you achieve, you receive one star. From Levels 501 to 599, you will have five stars before it upgrades your orders and resets all the stars you have earned. With every 600 levels earned, you will notice a change in your borders.

Here is a list of all borders available currently.

  • Bronze (Level 1-600)
  • Silver (Level 601-1200)
  • Gold (Level 1201-2400)
  • Platinum (Level 1801-2400)
  • Diamond (Level 2401-3000)

How to level up the level borders in the game?

Here are some sources of receiving XP to level up quickly in the game.

• Play the game

This is the best way to earn XP in the game as playing regularly rewards you with consistent XP towards your badges

• Complete matches

For each match you complete, you will be rewarded with 150 XP. This is a great way of leveling up in the game.

• First Win of the Day

The first win of each day provides a 500 XP boost to the players in the game.

• Consecutive Matches

Playing multiple games in a row will fetch a player 300 bonus XP per game.

• Backfill

You will receive a bonus XP upon completion if you are loaded into an ongoing game.

• Medals

If you earn bronze, silver, and gold medals in the game, then you are rewarded with a bonus XP as well. Gold medals fetch you 150 XP, silver medals fetch you 100, and bronze medals fetch you 50 XP in the game. With 5 Gold medals, you are offered 750 bonus XP each in the game.

• Group bonus

If you play in a group, you are provided a 20 percent bonus overall XP earned. The size of the party does not matter, but you can choose to even play with six stacks or choose to duo queue to earn extra XP.

• Avoid penalties

When you leave too many matches in the game in a row or if you end up disconnecting, this can restrict you from earning XP over certain a number of matches.

• Double XP Weekends

The level borders in the game can be quickly upgraded if you play a lot of double XP weekends which can happen multiple times in a year.

Like all other games, you can increase your Overwatch level by gaining experience. You can get experience by finishing the quick play, arcade, competitive modes, player vs. AI mode, and others. How much you receive the game, depends exactly on how long the round was and whether you won or lost, and depending on your contributions in the game.

Equipping border portraits

Unfortunately, there is no other way to equip or for changing the border portrait. This is done automatically depending on the level you have. Several players bring this question up due to harassment they get in the game due to the portrait.


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