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Warframe Specters and Why you Need them?

Warframe Specters

A specter is an allied unit controlled by AI that will fight beside a player during a mission in a game. These specters come with their own abilities and set of weapons and can be used against enemies. The specters are generally summoned via a consumable gear item.

Warframe specters can act as enemies or allies based on the circumstances. As allies, these are controlled by AI and employ customizable load-outs which can be configured via the Foundry. They can be summoned through the consumable Gear wheel items in all Missions except Sanctuary Onslaught and Arch wing.

Enemy specters usually come across as guardians of the Origin System’s Solar Rail Junctions. These specters need to be defeated for unlocking connections to new destinations and planets on the Star Chart. Specter-like enemy warframes also serve as enemies during specific quests. Contesting Clans need to face these Specter Regiments for gaining control of territory. A Specter Regiment was to be created through researching it in the Clan Dojo’s Orokin Lab. As mentioned


The blueprints essential to build Specters are rewarded automatically upon successful completion of rescue missions. It is also dependent on the kind of Blueprint dropped depending on the node that was played and how many points were acquired. A maximum of three points can be secured in a mission. One point is rewarded for rescuing the target and another point for not activating the execution sequence. One more point is awarded for killing all the Wardens.

How to acquire a Specter blueprint?

Specter blueprints can be earned for successfully completing missions in the game. For instance, the specters that mimic your warframes can be earned by finishing rescue missions. The more difficult the mission, the better the specter you will receive.

  • Vapor – Easy and medium rescue missions – makes 10 specters
  • Phase – Easy, medium, and hard rescue missions – makes 5 specters
  • Force – Medium, hard, and nightmare rescue missions – makes 3 specters
  • Cosmic – Hard and nightmare rescue missions – make a single specter

Specters can also be earned through the Syndicate system. Whenever you join a syndicate and reach the first tier with them, you will gain access to the Syndicate Specter blueprint for 2500 Standing. This is the quickest way to receive a guaranteed Specter blueprint if you do not have one. You can also receive blueprints by wiping out a Syndicate squad that hunts you down during your missions. However, this is random and can be hard to complete.

The Clem Specter is the most famous in the game. You can win the popular Grineer specter by completing the Man of Few Words quest or by completing the weekly missions to help Clem. Each blueprint will permit you to make five friendly Clems to help you out in missions.

Popular Specters

• Tenno Specters

Tenno Specters

Tenno Specters’ aren’t bound by normal ammo limitations. These specters guard a player closely or their assigned position and they barely move out of range to take on enemies on their own. A specter never opts to melee the enemies out of range of their melee weapon despite having better damage than its rifles and capability of performing finishers (if they attempt to melee an eligible enemy).

Thus you might prefer to give them long-range heavy hitters such as heavy blades, polearms, and whips. You can also equip them with something with a high block rate as specters love to channel-block with melee.

• Syndicate specters

Syndicate specters

Syndicate specters can be acquired by taking allegiance to the desired Syndicates and attaining the first tier in their ranks. These can be purchased by spending 2,500 for a bundle of five. Only one instance for each type of Specters can be summoned.

• Miscellaneous specters

Miscellaneous specters

1.  Clem Clone

Players receive Clem Clone as a reward for completing the final mission of the A Man of Few Words quest. This works in a similar way as specters deploying a Clem clone to fight. The blueprint is for one-time use and produces 5 clones. By deploying a clone during the mission will use them up regardless of whether it is alive at the end of the mission. Additional blueprints can be acquired by undertaking a weekly merchandise acquisition Survival mission for Darvo. These specters have more or less the same AI to Tenno specters and will act as bodyguards.

2. Corrupted heavy gunner

This specter blueprint was launched as an exclusive specter available for 100 and 40,000 during May 4-6, 2018 on PC. The drone cannot secure shields and the limited 200 shields given to the specter will not recharge once depleted until it respawns with 30 seconds.


Specters are really useful and will help you out on your missions. You just need to know what they do and how you can deploy them. This guide will help you understand what exactly are specters in Warframe and the kinds of specters available in the game.


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