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The Best Gacha Games You Must Try At Least Once

Best Gacha Games

Gacha games have become immensely popular these days. The most popular games have in fact have received millions of downloads. With the specific style of playing, Gacha games usually have old-school combat mechanics with lengthy storylines. However, what makes these games unique is the Gacha element. You get to summon characters utilizing the in-game currency or items which make the game much more interesting.

A ton of Gacha games are now available on mobile. In fact, it is now one of the biggest genres on Android and iOS platforms with games featuring franchises from Star Wards, Disney, Marvel, and others. With a plethora of options to choose from, it can be difficult to choose which game to try. Here are some of the best Gacha games you can try on Android and iOS devices.

1. RAID: Shadow Legends


This list would truly be incomplete without including this game. It is inarguably one of the biggest and features visually stunning RPG works across both mobile and PC. The game features a wide variety of heroes to collect and content to battle through.

This dark fantasy RPG game requires you to save the world of Teleria by recruiting the most legendary warriors from the forces of Light and Darkness. You need to then train them to fight together and mold them into living weapons. With over 1 million Champion builds, RAID offers a scale of tactics that remains unparalleled by other fighting games.

2. AFK Arena

AFK Arena

Though this game doesn’t feature characters from a massive franchise, AFK Arena has established itself as one of the finest mobile Gacha games. You can summon over 100 heroes in seven factions to build ultimate formations and battle your way to the top. Equip the heroes and strategize unbeatable lineups for overcoming your enemies in the battle.

You progress through the game to prevent evil Hypogeans from destroying the realm of Esperia. The PVP arena mode lets you battle with other players. AFK Arena is a classic turn-based RPG that features a huge variety of modes to stop you from battling.

3. Another Eden

Another Eden

This is one of the most popular Gacha games. You get to embark on a journey beyond space and time to save the lost future before darkness consumes us all. Acclaimed creators from popular series have together to create this epic and exciting RPG game. The game features rich and immersive content optimized for mobile gaming.

An epic story and an incredible main theme make this game quite exciting. The Gacha element is quite small. You follow a map and engage in story missions like early console JRPGs instead of the regular mission-style gameplay. Though the game is slightly different from most Gacha games, it is surprisingly good.

4. The Alchemist Code

The Alchemist Code

This popular mobile RPG relies on strategy RPG mechanics instead of the regular JRPG mechanics. This implies that you move around units on the board to attach the bad guys. The game has about 50 collectible characters, special events, a multiplayer co-op mode, and a competitive PvP. The game is free to play and friendly. This game has great graphics, decent soundtracks, and plenty of things to do.

5. Bleach Brave Souls

bleach brave soul

This 3D fast-paced game has received over 60 million downloads worldwide. The players can play in real-time with players worldwide online. You can choose popular characters to fight in 3 vs. 3 score battles to secure top world ranking positions. Tite Kubo’s hit anime series and manga Bleach come to life in this 3D hack and slash game!

The game has faithfully reproduced the story of Bleach novels, manga, and TV animations! Build teams with your favorite characters and experience the manga storyline through this game! The game features a ton of quests, guild quests, co-op quests, and more. In the new mode, Arena, you can participate in an online battle with up to 6 people.

6. Fate / Grand Order

Fate Grand Order

This game uses the most massive cast of the popular anime series, Fate. The fans of the series will love the features and the engaging storyline and the soundtrack. The game provides you tons of units to summon and special events to take part in. the anime-style graphics make this game hugely popular. The impressive multiple-character quests and content is something that both franchise fans and newcomers will enjoy.

Chaldea, an organization entrusted with the task of monitoring Earth’s future has confirmed that humans would be eliminated by 2019. Chaldea carries out an experiment to time travel in past. They intervene in events and try to destroy space-time singularities for protecting humanity.

7. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

final fantasy

This is one of the popular Final Fantasy Gacha games. It is F2P friendly and follows a long storyline. There are tons of units to summon in this game and a lot of special events to participate in. the combat is turn-based JRPG style with the usual array of special abilities. This Square Enix’s first title is aimed at a worldwide audience.

The simple battle feature with strategies, easy and interactive battles and more will keep you engaged in the game for hours. The high-quality CG animations, completing quests, collecting rare items and several other features make this game truly incredible.

8. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact

This action RPG game with Gacha elements is arguably one of the best genres you can come across from 2020. Though the game has the looks and feels of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you can explore every pixel of the landscape and even receive a glider to make your travel a lot easier. The storyline is pretty decent coupled with a competent soundtrack and selection of characters. You earn characters in the game through in-game quests instead of pulling them from tickets like most other games.


If you are new to Gacha games, then this list will surely provide you incredible options to explore. If you have already played Gacha games, then you will find something new to play from the list that we have compiled. Tell us which is your favorite Gacha game from the list.


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