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Shadow Warrior 3 Trainer & Cheats

Do you Think that Trainer and Cheats are Important to win a game? When I play a game and knew that I am not going to win the game, then I think about cheat codes. So this is how I researched and got to know about Cheat codes. If you are looking for the same then it’s the place. Let’s know about Shadow Warrior 3 cheat codes. These codes had helped me to win this game and they will help you also.

shadow warrior 3 trainer
Game Shadow Warrior 3
Genre Shooter, Role-playing (RPG), Adventure, Indie, Arcade
Developer Devolver Digital
Publisher Flying Wild Hog
Themes Action, Science fiction, Horror, Comedy
Players Perspectives First person
Release Date Dec 31, 2021
Game Modes Single player, Multiplayer, Co-operative


About Shadow Warrior 3:

It’s a new game which is a First-person Shooter game. It is developed by Flying Wild Hog and is published by devolver Digital. It was released on 1 March 2002 as a sequel to Shadow Warrior 2. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on March 1, 2022.

shadow warrior 3 cheat

This game revolves around Lo Wang, Who is the series protagonist in the game .he has access to a large arsenal of firearms which he used to defeat enemies. In addition, he also has the Katana Sword which is Japanese which helps him to fight against the enemies. This game will lead adventure lovers and shooters love to become busy. 

shadow warrior 3 cheats

In the game, as the player progresses, he receives new weapons to fight against the enemies and he unlocked new campaigns as he reaches the upper level. The game features more levels and a more streamlined grading system when compared with shadow Warrior 2.

shadow warrior 3 cheat table

Shadow Warrior 3 Trainer options:

Do you want to be a winner of every game you play? Do you want to become a pro and be a master of the games then These cheat codes come in handy when you play for a win? Below are the cheat code- 

  • Infinite Health – By activating this Code you can get unlimited health and save yourself from damages.use code – NUMPAD 1.
  • Unlimited Armour – Do you want unlimited armors to defeat your enemies, then just activate it through  NUMPAD 2.
  • Unlimited Weapon skill points – Are you ready to earn unlimited Weapon skill points then just activate it by NUMPAD 3.
  • Unlimited Character Skill points- To earn unlimited skill points trigger NUMPAD 4.
  • No Reload – By this code, you can disable cheat, when not needed and do it by pressing NUMPAD 5.
  • Game speed – Decrease game speed by NUMPAD 6 AND Increase it by NUMPAD 7.
  • Unlimited double jumps – Just do it by NUMPAD 8.
  • Set player speed- Decrease it by NUMPAD 9 and Increase it by NUMPAD 0.
  • Set player jump height- Set your jump height, To decrease it use CTRL + NUMPAD 1, and to Increase it use CTRL + NUMPAD 2.


What are these codes used for?

These trainer codes are used to attain special powers, and trigger specific events and effects in the game. By using these codes you will be able to win the game, without putting in much effort.

How to disable these codes?

Once you shut down the game, all these cheat codes will get disabled. You cannot access them again after starting the game, You will have to activate them again once you start playing again.

How to use these cheat codes?

To use these codes you need to first download the file from our website. Once you have the file, you can use the codes in the game whenever needed and Enjoy having a great experience in the game and winning the game.


You can enjoy playing this game if you like to be adventurous and love action and use these trainer to become undefeated.


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