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Elden Ring Trainer & Cheats

Hey there Everyone! Are you looking for trainer or cheats for Elden Ring? Then you all are at the right site to know hidden cheats that will lead to success. These cheats are for those who play to win.

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Game Elden Ring
Genre Role-playing (RPG)
Developer FromSoftware
Publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment
Platforms Microsoft Windows, Playstation 5
Players Perspectives First-Person
Release Date Feb 25, 2022
Game Modes Single player, Multiplayer, Co-operative


About Elden Ring

It is an action role-playing game, which is developed by FromSoftware and is published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It was released on 25th February 2022. This game is written by George R. R. Martin, Hidetaka Miyazaki. This game has also received the award for The game reward for the most anticipated game. It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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These gameplay elements include Several weapons, magic spells, horseback riding, and crafting. The game sold 12 million copies worldwide in just three weeks of its release.

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Elden Ring Trainer Options

  • God Mode / Ignore Hits – To ignore hits you need to activate NUMPAD1.
  • Unlimited HP – Activate it by NUMPAD 2.
  • Unlimited FP – Activate it by NUMPAD 3.
  • Unlimited Stamina – Activate it by NUMPAD 4.
  • Zero Weight – Activate it by NUMPAD 5.
  • 100% Drop Rate – Activate it by NUMPAD 6.
  • Stealth Mode – Activate it by NUMPAD 7.
  • Defense Multiplier – To decrease it use CTRL + NUMPAD 8 And to Increase it use NUMPAD 8.
  • Immune to all negative status – Activate it using ALT + NUMPAD 8.
  • Edit Runes – To decrease it use CTRL + NUMPAD 9 and to increase it use NUMPAD 9.
  • Runes Multiplier – To decrease it use CTRL + NUMPAD 0 and to increase it use NUMPAD 0.
  • No Runes Lost on Death – To use it trigger  CTRL + NUMPAD 1.
  • Unlimited Item Usage – To use it trigger CTRL + NUMPAD 2.
  • Edit Max HP – To decrease it use CTRL + NUMPAD 3 and to increase it use ALT+ NUMPAD 3.
  • Edit Max FP – To decrease it use CTRL + NUMPAD 4
  • Edit MAX Stamina – To decrease it use CTRL + NUMPAD 5 and to Increase it use ALT + NUMPAD 5.
  • Edit Level – To decrease it use SHIFT + F1 and to increase it use F1.
  • Edit Vigor – To decrease it use SHIFT + F2 and to increase it use F2.
  • Edit Mind – To decrease it use SHIFT + F3 and to increase F3.
  • Edit Endurance – To decrease it use SHIFT + F4 and to increase F4.
  • Edit Strength – To decrease it use SHIFT + F5 and to increase use F5.
  • Edit Dexterity – To decrease it use SHIFT + F6 and to increase use F6.
  • Edit Intelligence – To decrease it use SHIFT + F7 and to increase use F7.
  • Edit Faith – To decrease it use SHIFT + F8 and to increase use F8.
  • Edit Arcane – To decrease it use SHIFT + F9 and to increase use F9.
  • Super Damage / One – Hit Kills – To activate use CTRL + NUMPAD 6.
  • Damage Multiplier – To decrease use CTRL + NUMPAD 7 and to increase use ALT + NUMPAD 7.
  • Freeze Daytime – To trigger it use code CTRL + ALT+ NUMPAD 1.
  • Daytime +1 Hour – Activate it by CTRL + ALT+ NUMPAD 2 .
  • Set Game Speed – To decrease it use CTRL+ALT+ NUMPAD 3 and to increase it use CTRL+ ALT+ NUMPAD 4.

elden ring cheat codes


  • 100% Drop Rate – Not all enemies have droppable items.
  • Stealth Mode – When activated, enemies will ignore you, but you will be detected if you attack them.
  • Immune to all Negative Status – Negative status include – Sleep, Hemorrhage, Madness, Poison, Blight, Frostbite, and Scarlet Rot.
  • Unlimited Item Usage – Take effect when you use items, their amount will reset to max.


What are these codes used for?

These trainer codes are used to attain special powers, and trigger specific events and effects in the game. By using these codes you will be able to win the game, without putting in much effort.

How to disable these codes?

Once you shut down the game, all these cheat codes will get disabled. You cannot access them again after starting the game, You will have to activate them again once you start playing again.

 How to use these cheat codes?

To use these codes you need to first download the file from our website. Once you have the file, you can use the codes in the game whenever needed and Enjoy having a great experience in the game and winning the game.


You can enjoy playing this game if you like to role play and become a winner by using our cheats and trainer.


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