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Does the game excite you? you like to win every game you play and you like to play God of wars. Then here we come up with trainers for you, which will help you to win games with ease.

god of war: ragnarok trainer
Game God of War: Ragnarok
Genre Hack and slash/Beat ’em up, Adventure
Developer Sony Interactive Entertainment
Publisher SIE Santa Monica Studio
Themes Action, Fantasy, Historical, Open world
Players Perspectives Third person
Release Date Jan 23, 2022
Game Modes Single player

About God of War-

It is an action-adventure video game series. It is a franchise created by David Jaffe at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio. This game started in 2005 and was available at Play station 2 Video Game Console. It became a flagship title for play station board. It consists of 10 games already loved by everyone and the 11th is in Development. It was updated on Jan 23, 2022.

god of war: ragnarok cheats

It is published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is released on Microsoft Windows on Jan 23, 2022. The original God of War (2005) series is the biggest high-rated series.

This game includes role-playing elements and you can also enjoy it by playing a role. God of War was awarded Game of the year by Numerous media Outlets and award shows. The first seven series of this game were based on Greek Mythology.

God of War Trainer Options –

  1. God Mode/Ignore Hits– To activate this use NUMPAD 1.
  2. Unlimited Health – Activate it by just NUMPAD 2.
  3. Unlimited Rage – Activate it by NUMPAD 3.
  4. Unlimited Arrow – To trigger this, Activate by NUMPAD 4.
  5. Skills Instant Cooldown – Trigger it by NUMPAD 5.
  6. Defense Multiplier – To Decrease it use CTRL + NUMPAD 6 and to Increase it use NUMPAD 6.
  7. Edit Hacksilver – To Decrease it use CTRL + NUMPAD 7 and to increase it use NUMPAD 7.
  8. Hacksilver Multiplier – To decrease it use CTRL + NUMPAD 8 and to increase it use NUMPAD 8.
  9. Ignore Crafting/Upgrade requirement – Activate it by NUMPAD 9.
  10. Edit XP – To decrease it use CTRL + NUMPAD 1 and to increase it use ALT + NUMPAD 1.
  11. XP Multiplier – To decrease it use CTRL + NUMPAD 2 and to increase it use ALT + NUMPAD2.
  12. One Hit Stun – Activate I by CTRL + NUMPAD 3.
  13. One- Hit Kills – Activate it by CTRL + NUMPAD 4.
  14. Damage Multiplier – To decrease it use CTRL + NUMPAD 5 and to increase it use ALT + NUMPAD 5.
  15. Set Game Speed – To decrease it use CTRL + F1 and to increase it use SHIFT + F1.

Note –

  1. Defense Multiplier – This doesn’t change your defense stat, but will affect the amount of damage you receive.
  2. Ignore Crafting/Upgrading Requirements – Please disable this option after you’re done crafting/upgrading. When this option is enabled, some actions (such as buying or selling items) may cause a game crash. When enabled, you can craft/upgrade even if you don’t have materials. But if you do have materials, they will be used.


What are these codes used for?

These trainer codes are used to attain special powers, and trigger specific events and effects in the game. By using these codes, you will be able to win the game, without putting in much effort.

How to disable these codes?

Once you shut down the game, all these cheat codes will get disabled. You cannot access them again after starting the game, you will have to activate them again once you start playing again.

How to use these cheat codes?

To use these codes, you need to first download the file from our website. Once you have the file, you can use the codes in the game whenever needed and enjoy having a great experience in the game and winning the game.

Conclusion –

If you are an action-adventure player and want to enjoy it and you want to win it, then here we are providing you with the trainers that are best for you.

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