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Vampire’s Fall: Origins Trainer v1.5.45, Cheats & Mods

Vampire’s Fall: Origins Cheats Trainer can help you activate particular effects or events within the game. These trainer exist because it used by millions of gamers to trigger specific actions, skip levels, and more.

If you are looking for Vampire’s Fall Cheat Table for PC, you are in the right place. We are offering 17 Trainer Cheats that can help you gain more control over the game. It is needless to mention that it will also make the game interesting to play.

Game Vampire’s Fall: Origins
Genre Role-playing (RPG), Adventure, Indie
Developer Ultimate Games
Publisher Ultimate Games
Themes Action, Fantasy
Players Perspectives Bird view / Isometric
Release Date Sep 08, 2018
Game Modes Single player, Multiplayer

Vampire’s Fall: Origins Options

Vampire’s Fall: Origins is a 2D open-world RPG video game packed with epic combat. If you have a thing for vampires and want to enjoy exciting gameplay, then you must try out this game.

Players can create their characters, build their bloodline powers, and select their lineage while venturing out in the world.

This game is developed and published by Early Morning Studio, especially for mobile users. One of the many great things is that you can play this game offline till completion. It occupies very little space and runs very smoothly. Despite the small file size, it offers a large playing field and fulfilling gameplay.

Vampire’s Fall is a combination of an immersive story, exciting gameplay, and turn-based combat. From customizing characters to completing various side quests, the game has a lot to offer.

Vampire’s Fall: Origins is an open-world RPG where players get to discover and explore exciting things. Your ultimate mission is to defeat and destroy your enemy by winning every battle.

The game is set in an adventurous land where hell and heaven have very fragile boundaries. From abandoned houses to spooky forests to dark mines, you get to explore a lot of exciting things.

Players are provided with a map that will help them to find all the hidden treasures in the game. Besides that, you also need to escape and unlock various skills. Throughout the game, you will encounter many dangerous creatures and monsters that you have to destroy.


The game allows you to customize your character with different skills. Your task is to discover the best gifts for your character. Players can also join the conversation with farmers, generals, and witches.

Vampire’s Fall: Origins Trainer Options

With the use of Vampire’s Fall cheat trainer, you can trigger desirable effects and events in the game. These cheat codes exist to help you unleash the full potential of the game and enjoy it to the fullest. The details of the trainer codes are given below.

1. Infinite Health/Ignore Damage

To activate infinite health/ignore the damage you need to press the Num 1 key. But there are certain battles that you may require to lose. For example, the first boss fight. In that case, you should disable this cheat code.

2. Restore Focus To Max Each Turn

To trigger this particular effect you need to press the Num 2 key.

3. Instant Craft Items

For instant craft items, you need to press the Num 3 key. But you should activate it before crafting items. Also, keep in mind that this code will not work properly when crafting bloodstones.

4. Can Craft Items At Any Locations

By pressing Num 4 key you can trigger this cheat code. It will help you craft items at any location you want.

5. Zero Equipment Weight

This trainer code can be activated by pressing the Num 5 key.

6. Bloodstones Won’t Decrease

If you don’t want your bloodstones to decrease, then press Num 6 on your keyboard. By doing so, you can activate this trainer.

7. 100% Forge Success Chance

Press Num 7 to achieve a 100% forge success chance in the game.

8. Display Full Map/Remove Fog of War

This trainer can be activated by pressing Num 8. It will let you see the full map or remove the fog of war.

9. Stealth Mode/No Random Encounter

To activate this trainer you need to press the Num 9 key. But you may have to disable this trainer when you are required to fight monsters in side quests.

10. Super Damage/One Hit Kill

To kill your enemies in one hit or cause heavy damage, press Num 0.

11. Infinite Gold

To get infinite gold in the game you need to press Ctrl + Num 1 key together. This will take effect when the value of gold changes.

12. Infinite XP

For infinite XP, press Ctrl + Num 2 together on your keyboard. This will only take effect when you gain XP.

13. Infinite Skill Points

To get unlimited skill points, press Ctrl + Num 3 together. But once you disable this trainer your XP will be restored to normal. It may also become negative.

14. Infinite Ability Points

Press Ctrl + Num 4 together to get infinite ability points. But remember that your ability points will get back to normal once you disable the trainer.

15. F1 – Gold Multiplier

To multiply gold press the F1 key. Remember that the display value will remain the same, but the actual amount of gold you are getting will multiply.

16. XP Multiplier

For multiplying your XP press F2. Once again it will not change the display value, but the XP you are gaining will multiply.

17. Set Game Speed

To set the game speed you need to press F3.

Why should you use Vampire’s Fall Origins Trainer?

Vampire’s Fall trainer codes are used by many players. As already mentioned once, it helps you to trigger specific events and effects in the game. You can use these trainer codes again an upper hand, especially when you are losing.


With the help of these 17 trainer codes, you can make the game more exciting to play.

Is it safe to use Vampire’s Fall: Origins Cheats in the game?

You can use Vampire’s Fall trainer codes without any worries. It is completely safe to use. But remember you can only use these trainers when you are playing the game.


Vampire’s Fall: Origins is an exciting game packed with adventure and ancient battles. If you want to unleash the full potential of the game, then use the trainer cheats provided by us.

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