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Mr. Prepper Trainer v1.4, Cheats and Mods

If you are looking for Mr. Prepper Cheats Trainer, you have landed at the right place. We have 17 trainer codes waiting for you. From Infinite Health, Infinite Stamina to Freeze Time, Set Game speed we have got everything covered for you.

These Trainer Cheat are designed to help players in various situations in the game. All you need to do is press the right key or a combination of keys to trigger the trainers. By doing so, you can activate the desired effect or event in the game.

mr. prepper cover
Game Mr. Prepper
Genre Role-playing (RPG), Simulator, Adventure, Indie
Developer Rejected Games
Publisher PlayWay S.A.
Themes Action
Players Perspectives Side view
Release Date Mar 18, 2021
Game Modes Single player

So without wasting any more time, let’s take you through the list of trainer codes that you can use in the game.

Mr. Prepper Description

Mr. Prepper is a game that mainly focuses on the preparation process. In this game, you don’t fight any monsters or zombies. Instead, you prepare yourself for the apocalypse. In short, it is a simple, survival game with exciting features.

mr. prepper screen

This game is best suited for people who want to try something new and unique. If you are tired of similar gameplays, then you should try out Mr. Prepper for a change. You can make the game more interesting with the use of trainer codes.

Coming to the gameplay, it starts outside your home. This is a survival game where players need to prepare themselves for doomsday.

In the game, a government agent warns you to behave as there has been a recent escape attempt that resulted in the seizure of your vehicle. The agent will return to check up on you from time to time. He will try to make sure that you are not doing anything suspicious like building an apocalypse bunker.

mr. prepper cheat

This game is all about building a secret doomsday bunker while keeping it hidden from the feds and the government.

Mr. Prepper Trainer Options

Here we are sharing the details about the Mr. Pepper trainer codes and the benefits associated with each of the code. This will help you understand more about the codes.

1. Infinite Health

To get infinite health you need to press the Num 1 key. By activating this trainer you will not run out of health.

2. Infinite Stamina

For infinite stamina, you need to press the Num 2 key. You can activate this code when your stamina is decreasing.

3. Max Preparedness

You can activate this trainer by pressing the Num 3 key.

4. Edit Inventory Capacity

To increase the capacity of your inventory you need to press the Num 4 key. It will allow you to edit your inventory capacity.

5. Fast Building

By pressing the Num 5 key you can activate this trainer.

6. Fast Crafting & Cooking

For fast crafting and cooking, you need to press Num 6 on your keyboard.

7. No Crafting & Cooking Requirements

You can activate this trainer by simply pressing the Num 7 key. This allows you to craft and cooks even without materials. If you disable the trainer you will have to restart the game again.

8. Set Game Speed

By pressing the Num 8 key you can set the game speed as per your requirement.

9. Set Movement Speed

With this trainer, you can adjust the movement speed. For this, you need to press the Num 9 key.

10. Freeze Time

To freeze or stop time you need to press Num 0 on your keyboard.

11. Infinite Items & Money

Press Ctrl + Num 1 together to get unlimited items and money in the game. But remember that this trainer works only for items in your inventory.

12. Items Won’t Spoil

To prevent your items from getting spoiled, press Ctrl + Num 2 together.

13. Infinite Power

To get unlimited power in the game you need to press the Ctrl + Num 3 key together.

14. Car: Infinite Durability

For infinite car durability, you need to press Ctrl + Num 4 together.

15. Car: Infinite Boost

You can get an infinite boost for your car by pressing Ctrl + Num 5 together.

16. Car: Infinite Fuel

You can use this trainer to prevent your car from running out of fuel. To activate this trainer you need to press Ctrl + Num 6 together.

17. Car: No Cosmetic Damage

To prevent your car from cosmetic damage you need to press Ctrl + Num 7 together. But you need to activate this trainer before getting any damage. That’s because it doesn’t work on the parts that are already damaged.

Why should you use Mr Prepper Trainer?

Mr. Prepper trainer codes are extremely popular among players. It gives them added advantage in the game. If you want to win the game and enjoy it to the fullest, then you should try these trainer codes.

mr. prepper cheats

We have 17 Mr. Prepper trainer codes for PC. Once you download the file you can use the trainers and win the game like a pro.

Is it safe to use Mr. Prepper Cheat in the game?

Many players stop themselves from using trainer codes because they think it is unsafe or can get their account suspended. But we can assure you that our Mr. Prepper cheat trainer codes are completely safe to use.

There are thousands of players using our trainer codes. If you want to have an upper hand in the game, then you should use them too.


Mr. Prepper comes with unique gameplay that will help you refresh your gaming experience. Prepare yourself for the doomsday and build your secret bunker. You can use the trainer codes to gain added advantages in the game.

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